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Nanda Costa and Lan Lan Internet Playback

Published 11/20/2021 15:37

Rio- This Saturday (20th), Nanda Costa shared on her Instagram an emotional account about her birth. The actress, who gave birth to twins Kim and Tiê, celebrated the birth of the girls, but also recalled complications experienced in the final stretch of pregnancy.

“Yesterday it was a month since we were born! Without a doubt it’s the most challenging and intense time of my life. I had a peaceful pregnancy, I’ve never felt so good in my life. But suddenly my blood pressure went up, my kidneys started to stop. and, at 35 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, we need to anticipate the delivery. Pre-eclampsia! My obstetrician @draflaviatarabini was precise, surgical and, thank God, saved my life!”, wrote the actress.

Nanda also reported the scare with one of the twins, as Kim had to go to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) due to her low weight. In addition, she highlighted the support given by her partner, percussionist Lan Lan.

“I was born a mother in fright and “suffering in paradise” never made so much sense. I had to divide myself between a room, ICU and passages through the Lactário to draw milk and feed little Kim, who reached 1,600 kg. The hospital/maternity hospital is under construction and two days after the birth, between these comings and goings, I was trapped in the elevator, which increased my pressure even more and potentiated my puerperium. Tiê and I were discharged 5 days after the birth. Kim would only be discharged when she reached the minus 2kg,” continued Nanda.

In the end, she thanked all the support she received and sympathized with new mothers. “Thank you all for the messages of love. Thank you God, goddesses and all the Orixás! Thank you doctors, therapists, nurses, technicians and the whole universe. Thank you Lan, it would have to be with you, it only had to be with you! I love you forever! . To all mothers and mothers, my best hug! We are together. Oh, and the girls are super good and chubby, Amen”, she concluded.

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