Netherlands Has 2nd Night of Violent Lockdown Protests and Restriction Measures | World

Dutch police said this Sunday (21), that 19 people were detained, after a second night of violent protests against the latest sanitary measures implemented by the government to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

In The Hague, several riot police officers attacked groups of demonstrators who were throwing stones and other objects at agents in a popular neighborhood. According to a statement released by the capital’s police, a water cannon was used to put out a bicycle fire at a busy street intersection.

During the clashes, police from the Shock Battalion took a woman out of a car, whose occupants had shouted insults at the police, and took her to a pickup truck, noted an AFP journalist.

Protests against health restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic again ended in riots on Saturday night (20), in the Netherlands, in The Hague in particular, where five police officers were wounded.

Street fire in The Hague during protest against restriction and lockdown measures in the Netherlands on the night of November 20 — Photo: Danny KEMP / AFP

A day earlier, violence in the port city of Rotterdam had resulted in 51 detainees and three people shot.

Violence also took place in Urk, a small Protestant town located in the center of the country, and in several cities in the southern province of Limburg.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced a week ago the reintroduction of a partial lockdown along with a series of sanitary restrictions, especially in the restaurant sector, to prevent the spread of covid-19. Bars and restaurants must close at 8pm, at least until December 4th.

Protest in other countries too

Also on Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered in Vienna to protest the new national lockdown announced by the government to contain the advance of Covid-19.

Austria became the first country on the European continent to reinstate national confinement. The measure runs from next Monday (22) and takes place days after the Austrian government imposed a confinement to the unvaccinated.

Protests were also registered in Croatia and Italy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it is “very concerned” about the increase in covid-19 cases in Europe, which is experiencing a new wave of coronavirus infections. In an interview with the BBC, Hans Kluge, WHO regional director, said that 500,000 new deaths could occur by March, if urgent measures are not adopted.

Netherlands Announces Three-Week Lockdown to Contain Covid-19

Netherlands Announces Three-Week Lockdown to Contain Covid-19

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