New music by Israel and Rodolffo is criticized for “apology for rape”; singer hits

Recently, the duo Israel & Rodolff released the song “Give A Girlfriend” and the lyrics generated controversy. Last Saturday (20), the psychoanalyst and doctor in psychology Manuela Xavier posted on his Instagram a video repudiating the song that says “You’re not going to deceive me for free/ You’re going to have to give me a girlfriend”, stating that the lyrics are “apology for rape”.

In the video of just over 5 minutes, the psychoanalyst discloses data on crime in Brazil and says:

“The song tells the story of an unwinding between a couple and he says ‘it stirred me up, he’s going to have to give a girlfriend’. This song, written today in 2021, with the mindset of 1920, says that if the woman is raped, it is her fault, because she stirred up, she provoked. Any resemblance to ‘what clothes she was wearing’, ‘but she was asking’, ‘but she was making candy’, any resemblance to this is no coincidence. The song released yesterday by the duo Israel and Rodolffo is a clear apology for rape. So I make this video today to say that the reality of rape in Brazil is not what happens in a dark street with a masked man armed with a gun, it is not. Rape in Brazil, in 80% of cases, the victim knows his aggressor and this is very serious, this shows that the danger is within our homes, this shows that men do not respect us”.

“So I make this video for you, woman, who may have already experienced sexual violence and who think it’s your fault and who think you suffered this violence because you couldn’t say no or because your clothes were too short, know that in a relationship between two people ‘no it’s not’, completed Manuela.

In the same publication, Rodolffo replied: “Good night, Manuela. Alright? Look, at first I think that you are exaggerating the remarks, because we make music for men and for women, a woman can sing this lyric for a man, it is unisex. It’s a happy, relaxed song for people to have fun singing. I’m all for the cause, I’m with you. Now come to criticize my work, inducing people to think it’s sexist music, no. It was made for women to sing too”.

The author of the video still responds by saying “Rodolffo, you are DOUBLE wrong. I’m a woman. I know what rape culture is. Won’t YOU, a man, tell me what is or isn’t sexist, because that would be VERY sexist, do you agree? Talk to women. Talk to feminist collectives. In this video I explain perfectly why this song is a mistake. Spend 5 minutes of your time and learn”.

Watch the full video:

This Sunday morning (21), the countryman posted a music video on his Instagram profile with the call “When the people choose, there’s nothing to discuss… Let them know that ‘Give a Girlfriend’ is HIT”.

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Check the lyrics of the song “Give A Girlfriend”:

be careful what you’re saying
In the right time
According to single law
Bed is not a place to declare yourself

everything you’re talking about
can be used in favor of you
Have you ever thought if I believe and cling
There will be nowhere to run

You won’t cheat me for free
It enticed me, it’s going to have to give me a girlfriend
If you don’t want to roll, then don’t hunt
It enticed me, it’s going to have to give me a girlfriend