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Worried about the next farm on A Fazenda 13, Dayane Mello began to speculate who Rico Melquiades will nominate straight into the spotlight. The model was talking to MC Gui and stated that one of them will be the farmer’s choice of the week. “He lacks consistency,” he said.

“I’ll go or you for sure,” she bet. “No, I think he’s going to nominate Dynho [Alves]”, deconversed the MC. “He’s not going to Dynho,” said the model. “Is he? He’s the guy who tries hardest to follow consistency here,” argued the singer. “He doesn’t follow consistency at all, he follows the game,” she said.

“You think he won’t take the opportunity to put two people [do nosso grupo] in the fields?” asked the former Big Brother Italia participant. “But there are two of us, for sure,” calculated Gui, also worried.

“Do you think it’s going to be voted on by the house?” Dayane asked. “No. Not about to go to the farm,” replied the funkeiro. “Are you planning on leaving two of us? What a pain,” grumbled the model, about the possibility of two pedestrians being eliminated by brush in the final stretch.

During the early hours of this Saturday (20), Rico confirmed to Aline Mineiro that his intention so far is to send MC Gui straight to the spotlight. “He’s working overtime here,” said the man from Alagoas.

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