Nota Legal holds a draw on December 24th. See how to participate

The Legal Note Program holds the next draw for the program on December 24th. Previously scheduled for November 23, the date was changed by normative instruction published by the Economy Secretariat in the Official Gazette of the Federal District (DODF) this Friday (11/19). Once again, prizes ranging from R$100 to R$500 thousand will be distributed.

In this draw, consumers who registered the CPF in the note on purchases made between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021 will participate. To participate in the draw, the taxpayer cannot have outstanding debts with the Secretary of Economy.


Each invoice generated with the CPF of the program participant gives the right to a ticket in the draw. Up to 200 tickets are allowed per month for each participant. But, the consumer must have registered on the program’s website by August 31st.


12,600 tickets will be drawn at the awards, totaling R$ 3 million, distributed as follows:

  • 1 prize of BRL 500 thousand;
  • 2 prizes of R$200 thousand;
  • 3 awards of R$100 thousand;
  • 4 awards of BRL 50 thousand;
  • 10 awards of R$ 10 thousand;
  • 30 prizes of R$5,000;
  • 50 prizes of R$1 thousand;
  • 500 prizes of R$200;
  • 12 thousand prizes of R$100.

The draw is carried out electronically by the Department of Economy. The program uses a public mathematical algorithm with a random function, which randomly distributes the winning tickets by the generated ticket ranges. For this, the first five winning numbers in the Federal Lottery contest to be held on December 22 this year will be used as a basis.

The result of the draw will be published on the website Nota Legal. Winners will also be communicated by email registered in the program. Also on the Nota Legal website, the winners must indicate, by June 25, 2022, their bank details to receive the award. If not redeemed, the prize amount returns to the Treasury’s single account.

This will be the eighth draw of the Nota Legal. The last edition was held on May 25 of this year and had the participation of 822,414 contributors.