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Airplane from Swiss, Swiss airline
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Airplane from Swiss, Swiss airline

A plane from Swiss International Air Lines, a Swiss airline that was flying from London to Zurich, the Swiss capital, had to make a forced landing for an unusual reason: the smell of foot odor in the cabin. The aircraft had to return to Heathrow airport because of the strong smell, delaying the plans of the 101 passengers on the flight. The information is from the Airlive aviation portal.

“On flight LX339 from London Heathrow to Zurich, the pilots noticed an unusual smell in the cabin. As a result, they returned to London Heathrow airport. The landing was uneventful. airport, as is customary in these cases,” said a spokesman for Swiss Air, an airline surprised by the smell of foot odor in the cabin.

All passengers had to be relocated on other flights. An investigation into the foul odor found a pair of dirty socks in the pilots’ area.

According to the airline, the decision to interrupt the flight was taken for sanitary reasons, as the reason for the smell of foot odor that so bothered the flight captains was still unknown.

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