Olavo de Carvalho did not leave Brazil on a FAB flight, says commander

The commander of the Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista Júnior, said in a note published on social media that the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) did not help astrologer Olavo de Carvalho to leave Brazil.

Olavo left the country after being summoned by the PF (Federal Police) to testify in the inquiry that investigates the existence of a digital militia that discredits democratic institutions.

The writer had been hospitalized since August in São Paulo. The return to the United States, informed on Tuesday (17), took place without any prior notice. According to the writer, he was offered a “sudden flight” so that he could board in “15 minutes”.

“The thing was so fast that I couldn’t even say goodbye to the staff at the hospital where I was, which was no longer InCor, it was a private hospital. I didn’t go [embora] hidden from anyone, it just went like this: ‘Get on board now, or forget it, there won’t be another flight for you’. I went, got on the plane and we came here,” said Olavo.

The thesis that the astrologer —one of the main ideologues of the Brazilian extreme right, and close to the Bolsonaro family—left Brazil on a FAB flight was disclosed by writer and screenwriter Daniela Abade. According to her, there are indications that Olavo left Brazil on the plane that took the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, to the United States.

Federal deputies Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP) and Jorge Solla (PT-BA) announced their intention to request an investigation into the allegations.

Solla also stated that he would ask for the summons of the commander of the FAB and of Fábio Faria in the Financial Inspection and Control Commission of the Chamber.

In the note, Baptista Júnior states that “the FAB repudiates and does not accept the assumption that it would have participated in any passenger transport in an irregular or hidden manner. All acts of the Institution are guided by compliance with the law and under the perspective of transparency. disclosure of untruths, without proper investigation, must be fought, as it contributes to misinformation in society”.

He further alleges that “the FAB did not request any secrecy to flights designated for the transport of Ministers of State with the intention of omitting viewing on monitoring sites”.

In her publications, Daniela Abade raises suspicions about the fact that the FAB flight allegedly requested secrecy about the flight’s itinerary in an air traffic monitoring application. It also questions the fact that the flight landed at Mac Arthur Airport, on Long Island, and not at one of the three large air terminals near New York.