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Roger Moreira, lead singer of Ultraje a Rigor, criticized José de Abreu in the Raul Gil program this Saturday (20th). In addition to calling him a crook, the musician recalled controversies about the artist’s career, which he accused of having a “safe-conduct on the left to attack and talk nonsense”.

“He’s one of the greatest scoundrels in Brazil. He’s not even a good actor [na minha opinião]. As part of a sealing group, he thinks he can spit on a woman, he even spit in the face of a girl in a restaurant. He thinks he’s right and the rest is wrong,” shot the singer in the picture For Whom You Take Your Hat Off.

The artist referred to an episode in which Santiago’s interpreter in Um Lugar ao Sol was caught spitting at a couple who approached him in a restaurant in May 2016. Abreu, at the time, justified that he lost his mind when he was verbally assaulted with screams of thief and bastard.

Roger also made reservations to Samantha Schmutz, for having got into “trouble” with other actresses from Globo:

I liked Juninho Play, but she wanted to force other artists to take the same stance as her. The person did not want to give an opinion, but Samantha demanded that she position herself and to her side. It made a fuss. I don’t agree with this posture of patrolling others.

Roger pins Wagner Moura for criticism of Bolsonaro

Roger didn’t tip his hat to Wagner Moura for not agreeing with his criticisms of President Jair Bolsonaro. The musician insinuated that the friction between the actor and the president of the Republic was due to the difficulties in financing the biopic of Carlos Marighella (1911-1969) — one of the leaders of the armed resistance to the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985)

I have nothing against the person, but against attitudes. As Captain Nascimento, he was excellent, unlike him, thinking that the government has to give him money to make movies, militancy. I never asked the state for money. The other day, he said that Bolsonaro is a terrorist, and he himself made a film about a terrorist.

The vaccine’s passport, political correctness and black language were also questioned by the musician, who took his hat off only to volleyball player Maurício Souza, coach Rogério Ceni, presenter Danilo Gentili and businessman Tutinha de Carvalho, from Jovem Pan .

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