Part of the singer Leonardo’s mansion collapses

This Saturday (20), part of the roof of Leonardo’s mansion, located in Goiânia (GO), collapsed. Poliana Rocha, the singer’s wife, used social media to tell about the scare the family went through. The reason for the incident was the large amount of rain that fell over Goiás in the last few hours. The digital influencer showed photos of the damage in which part of the ceiling appears, from an external area, with a large hole and plaster on the floor.

The woman took the opportunity to reassure the couple’s fans. “The gutter clogged, the leaves came in. It rained a lot today, all day and the plaster ceiling collapsed. My mother was sitting in the kitchen and didn’t take anything in it, thank God! Look what happened… So thankful to God. The roof collapsed and my mother was in the kitchen, nothing happened to her,” he said.

Singer Leonardo’s wife recalls betrayals and forgiveness

In October, Poliana Rocha, wife of singer Leonardo, recalled the betrayals she had suffered from her husband over 25 years of marriage. Through Instagram, he guaranteed that he forgave him. “Yes, I was betrayed, very open, I allowed myself to forgive, I got over it and built a beautiful family! It’s my credit, how can I feel bad?”, he wrote.

She responded to a person who asked if she was saddened by criticisms received for her 25 years of marriage. “It came out on several websites and I was super grateful for the affection of people, but there are many nasty comments calling me horned, cuckold, that I was with him for money!”, she began.

“But actually, they are judgments of mere people who don’t even know my life story, of overcoming it! I even read some, but I felt sorry for the person who made the comment, not for me,” she explained.

According to Poliana, the fights between the couple have not occurred for three years. “When I allowed myself to forgive him, I swore to myself that I would never talk about these matters (the betrayals) again, and so I do!” he assured.