Patients who have conquered cancer are honored in a photographic exhibition at Hospital Unimed

21/Nov 08:25

By Newsroom / Tribuna de Petrópolis

In honor of the patients who won the fight against breast cancer and prostate cancer, Unimed Petrópolis launched on Thursday (18), the mini photo exhibition “Unshakeable”. The exhibition, held in the waiting room of the Oncology Center of the cooperative’s hospital, brings together photos of five patients who have already completed their treatment.

“We seek to convey hope through each photo and reinforce that, despite being a difficult process, it is possible to beat cancer. Proof of this are our honored patients, who were unshakable and reached the end of their treatment. This mini-exhibition has great importance for all those recovered from the disease and, especially, for patients who are still in the fight”, says the president of Unimed Petrópolis, Rafael Gomes de Castro.

The vice-president of the cooperative, Cesar Augusto de S. Thiago, highlights that “this project is totally in line with our purpose of taking care of someone’s love”.

For Karla Telles, nursing coordinator of the Oncology sector, the feeling of gratitude sums up the moment, which was marked by emotion and lots of applause.

“We, from the Oncology sector, are left with the feeling of gratitude for seeing the patients happy and moved by the tribute. At the time, they also received a certificate for having conquered the disease. It was a very special moment!”, he emphasizes.

Oncology Service

In operation since 2018, the Oncology and Infusion Therapy Center at Hospital Unimed Petrópolis has a multidisciplinary team composed of oncologists, hematologists, oncology specialist nurses, nursing technicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and psychologists. According to the Hospital, one of the main pillars is to provide quality care and, above all, humanized. Ms. Leia de Souza, who was also photographed for the mini-exhibition, talks about the importance of the care provided by the unit’s team.

“I never forget the names of the professionals at Hospital Unimed Petrópolis, as they welcomed me and took care of me with love. I started my treatment on December 30, 2019 and ended it on the same date in 2020. Today, nearly a year after my treatment ended, I still receive affection and attention, I am very happy. This team is in my prayers every day”, he reports.

“All this affection that my mother receives ends up being after-treatment and this care is very important”, complements Luzia dos Reis, daughter of Ms. Leia.

Currently, around 120 cancer patients are undergoing treatment and another 20 have already rung the “Bell of Life” – which occurs when the patient completes the treatment.