Peoa shocks everyone with live attitude on camera

dayane mello
Dayane Mello asks for marijuana in A Fazenda 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Record)

Dayane Mello is one of the most controversial participants of The Farm 2021 and has been breaking all protocols since his first day in confinement.

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In her most recent move, she even asked for marijuana to produce the show. The situation happened during the party this Friday (19).

At the time, the famous one was on the dance floor, near Mileide, and screamed: “Where’s the weed, man***? Where’s the weed, po***?”. “Where?”, asked Dynho.

The moment, of course, brought talk on social media. Netizens then began to suspect that pedestrians receive illegal drugs inside.

Others, however, explained that they were allowed to smoke tobacco from last season. In a recent video, Day appears asking for silk.

One internet user even commented on yesterday’s party: “I don’t know if I’m more shocked with Day and Mileide sensually dancing, with Aline and Sthe kissing or the marijuana running wild on the show.”

Dayane detonates Mileide’s hair

Day recently commented on the hair of Mileide Mihaile. That’s because the peoa was shaken after Marina Ferrari cut her locks too much, messing with her aesthetic self-esteem.

The former participant of the Grande Fratello VIP caught Mileide walking near the dining table and made a point of stressing how short her hair was:

The hair was very short, right? Now drying… It cut a lot! Dry you can see more. It’s a bit wavy at the root, yours, right? It was practically chanel”.

Valentina Francavilla, while still in the house, clearly disagreed with Dayane. Wesley Safadão’s ex-wife heard everything and pointed out that her hair was like a long bob.

In the YouTube comment field, Internet users detonated the sting. One of them wrote the following: “She knows how upset Mileide was, so she goes and touches the wound. what a Machiavellian woman”.

Another fan of the Record reality show continued: “For Dayane to feel good, she has to make everyone around her feel sad. it’s bizarre”. A third came up with a theory: “Dayane wanting to play Mileide against Marina. diabolic woman”.

Check out the repercussion:

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