Pikachu faints on the field and leaves Castelão in an ambulance; Stronghold updates player status

In a victory over Palmeiras, Yago Pikachu fainted on the field, was removed by ambulance, but Fortaleza calmed down the situation.

O palm trees played badly again and lost 1-0 to the strength, this Saturday, at Arena Castelão, for the 34th round of the Brazilian championship.

During the match, however, right-back Yago Pikachu had to be taken off the field by ambulance after he passed out, worrying those watching the game.

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After the match, Leão do Pici used their social networks to calm fans and acquaintances of the athlete, stating that he has already improved and walked to the locker room.

“Yago Pikachu had a blood pressure drop called lipothymia. Ala is doing well and was released by the ambulance while still at Arena Castelão, returning on foot to the locker room in the company of Dr. Cláudio Maurício”, the club wrote in a statement.

With the victory, Fortaleza rehabilitates the season. The team had six games without a win, with five defeats in the period.