Rain should give truce in BH only from Tuesday; see the preview – General

Overcast in Belo Horizonte: I predict more rain this Sunday (11/21) (photo: Edsio Ferreira/EM/DA/Press)

THE rain must give a truce in Belo Horizonte and in a good part of Minas Gerais only from Tuesday (23/11), according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). This Sunday (21), the forecast of covered ass with rain and with temperatures still falling. The minimum was 15.4 °C, the estimated maximum was 21°C and the minimum relative humidity around 75% in the afternoon.

In the state, time goes on unstable in all regions, with the possibility of Heavy rain in the North and Northwest of Minas.

According to Claudemir de Azevedo, meteorologist at Inmet, the rain starts to decrease this Monday. “Temperatures will get higher and the maximum in the capital can reach 30 °C,” he says.

By this Saturday afternoon (20/11), at least two regions had surpassed the expected levels for the season. They are: Barreiro with 241.0 mm, that is, 100.5% and Oeste with 241.4 mm, that is, 100.7%.

Two other regions of Belo Horizonte exceeded the level predicted for the entire month by more than 90%. The Venda Nova Region accumulates 237.6 (99.1%) and the Leste region already has 238.6 (99.5%).

In Belo Horizonte, according to the historical series of data from Inmet, the wettest month of November occurred in 1981 with a total rainfall of 528.9 mm and the driest was in 1967 with only 27.2 mm of precipitation. The historical average is 239.8 mm.