Renato praises Flamengo, but laments: “He’s not disputing the title due to clear errors in the refereeing” | Flamengo

Flamengo decided to stop in the opening minutes and beat Internacional 2-1 this Saturday, in the penultimate game before the Libertadores decision, which will be played next Saturday, at 17:00 (GMT), against Palmeiras. After the triumph, Renato Gaúcho praised the team a lot, but when commenting on the unmarked penalty in Everton Ribeiro, he stated that Rubro-Negro is out of the dispute for the Brazilian three-time championship due to “clear arbitration errors”.

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– I honestly enjoyed the refereeing today, but we had a clear penalty shot on Everton, but it’s no use, it’s swimming against the tide. It’s raining in the wet. The only question I ask experts is why didn’t the VAR call the referee? Simple, it’s no use. I’ve been saying this for three, four years: the game is whistled by the VAR. Unfortunately it’s the VAR. It’s not possible that he has all the footage and that he hasn’t seen the penalty at Everton. The game was 2-0, we could have made the third and eliminated the game.

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See Renato's press conference after Flamengo's victory over Internacional

See Renato’s press conference after Flamengo’s victory over Internacional

– Flamengo is not currently disputing the title precisely because of the very clear refereeing errors. Everyone saw it. Otherwise, he behaved well, I just think the VAR could have called the referee in Everton’s move.

About the result, Renato considered fair and said that his players sought him from the beginning. He turned on the alert, however, about the numerous wasted chances when the match was 2-0 for Flamengo.

– I think the most important thing was the delivery of the team, regardless of whether it was the last rehearsal or not. From the beginning, Flamengo sought victory, created the best opportunities, and knew how to value possession of the ball. We created, we could have decided the game in the first half, we had clear situations in addition to the goals we scored. And unfortunately we conceded a goal at the end of the first half, that made the opponent grow. The second half was very disputed, the two teams created a lot of opportunities, but I think that in the end it was worth the presentation. I was very pleased with what the team presented, especially for the first half.

+Gabigol receives the third yellow card and is suspended for Flamengo’s game against Grêmio

Renato Gaúcho greets Andreas after Flamengo’s second goal against Internacional — Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF

Arrascaeta faces Grêmio?

– I’ve been talking a lot with Arrascaeta, we were very careful to prepare him to play for a few minutes today the way he did. We’ll wait 24 hours, tomorrow I’ll talk to him again. He’s the one giving us the answer. Until Tuesday we have two more days so we can exchange some ideas and see how you’re feeling. Trust is transferred to the coach by the player. The most important thing is that he played for about 20, 25 minutes, he did well and felt nothing. Let’s wait tomorrow to see if he doesn’t wake up with some kind of pain and we start to study Arrascaeta better for Tuesday.

– Congratulations to the Flamengo fan, he had a wonderful party, he gave the group a bigger boost. This is Flamengo’s fans. Some people thought differently in terms of the party, they spoke of wildness. I didn’t see any of that, Flamengo’s fans are like that. On our part and the group, we congratulate you. This is Flamengo’s fans, this is what the team starts with. Some parts of the party were fun, both leaving CT and at the airport. Many people thought otherwise, but we didn’t. This energy we needed. We put it against Internacional, will put it in the next certainty against Grêmio. And you can be sure that more than ever in the Libertadores final.

The Voice of the Fans - Arthur Muhlenberg: "Normal victory.  I only think about Liberators"

The Voice of the Fans – Arthur Muhlenberg: “Normal victory. I only think about Libertadores”

– The team performed very well, in the first half we scored two goals and created countless clear scoring opportunities. It was one of the items that caught my attention at halftime, which could have killed the game. In a counterattack, we conceded a goal, we gave morale so that the opponent could grow in the match. In the second half, it was normal for Internacional to come inside, but the team behaved well. It wasn’t as good as the first half, but we already knew about the difficulties we would face here, and the most important thing was that we got another victory away from home against a great opponent who is fighting for the Libertadores. And it’s normal to have a bit of a drop in performance in the second half because, like it or not, it’s hard to put the final on the 27th out of the players’ heads.

Schedule against Grêmio: reserve team or starter?

– People will know about the planning on Tuesday, we have the game with Grêmio on Tuesday and on Saturday we have a final. So our planning is not going to change anything from what we planned two or three weeks ago. It’s been working, it’s been working, and we’re going to follow our schedule. What is decided is decided. We are not going to change anything.

After saying that Flamengo is out of the fight for the title, Renato changes his speech

– As long as there are mathematical chances, we’ll get the title. I always said that we do not give up on the Brazilian Championship. Atlético-MG has a certain advantage over us, but we’ve been fighting on equal terms, winning our games. There are a few rounds left, I think the most important thing is for Flamengo to do his part game by game and see what happens. Also because we have this game on Tuesday and then the final. It’s doing your homework and seeing what happens in Atlético-MG’s game.

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