Rico Melquiades makes a drastic decision with torn jacket in hand

Rico Melquiades talks about jacket in A Fazenda 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Record)

the jacket of Rich Melquiades, torn by Dayane Mello in The Farm 2021, was the topic of the week. Now, he revealed what he decided to do in the face of the situation.

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After discovering that the piece with great sentimental value was torn apart, he made it clear that he will not give up and will do anything to stay with it.

The revelation was made this Friday (19), when Aline Mineiro asked if he would throw his coat away. “That coat of yours is garbage, right?”, questioned.

Rico then responded by saying that he would have his clothes remade when he leaves the confinement. “I’ll sew”, explained. The peon then agreed with him.

She had taken the jacket when asking and, after the answer, left it in a corner, so that it didn’t release any more foam around the room.

The clothing, it is worth remembering, was torn by Dayane Mello. At the time, the production had to intervene so that she immediately stopped what she was doing.

Rich Melquiades discovered everything

Rico’s discovery took place after Aline herself delivered Dayane, shortly after returning from the country in which Valentina Francavilla has been eliminated.

Upon arriving at the house, the ex-panicat asked the entire house if anyone would like to assume responsibility for the evil. Day remained silent.

Bil Araújo, who also knew about the case, then decided to open his mouth and tell everything at once.

Initially, Dayane did not take over, but was confronted by the other participants and ended up admitting. “I would do a lot worse if production didn’t stop me”, took on.

She ended up being criticized even by her own allies, like MC Gui. “I was about to break everything. I wanted to get even with him”, tried to justify.

Rico’s reaction was one of indifference

Rico just chuckled and went back to saying the play was expensive. “I saw it in the morning, I thought it was hooked on the table”, commented the Alagoas.

Sthe Matos, in turn, was indignant and said that he will distance himself from anyone who continues to side with his opponent.

Then, in the bedroom, the pedestrians continued to comment on the girl’s attitude. “I’m scared to sleep with this woman [na baia]”, he said Solange Gomes.

“Did you see how she denies it?”, amended Rico. “Liar”, detonated Sthe. “No more honor”, agreed Mileide Mihaile.

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