Rio has been hospitalized with Covid in the capital and has only 30 beds occupied in state and federal medical units | Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is experiencing an improvement in the pandemic scenario that is directly linked to vaccination against the coronavirus: the state and federal hospitals, located in the capital, have only 30 people hospitalized because of the disease this Saturday (20).

In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic, for the first time, the municipal health network has not had patients hospitalized with covid. THE Health Department also informed that in last 48 hoursno person went to the health units of the network with Covid.

In case of emergence of new cases of Covid, patients should be referred to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Evandro Chagas, which is linked to Fiocruz, and became a reference to receive infected by the disease because it has 197 beds available.

Municipality had 1400 hospitalized in May

The situation is radically opposite to what was experienced 6 months ago, in May 2021, when there were about 1,400 patients admitted with Covid in every public hospital in the capital. On May 21, 766 patients occupied the ICUs.

According to researchers, health authorities, the improvement in the indicatives is a reflection of the vaccination.

Even with evidence showing the vaccine’s effectiveness, around 600,000 people still haven’t taken the second dose in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This Saturday, there was a D-day of vaccination, seeking to immunize those who still need to complete the vaccination schedule.

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