Russian jet that went off the runway due to miscalculation goes to auction for a trifle

A Russian commercial jet, which ended up off the runway in an accident in 2018, is being auctioned off at a price well below the market.

Disclosure – Russian Air Accident Investigation Committee

The case took place in October 2018, when a Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 (or simply SSJ100) jet left the runway after landing at Yakutsk Airport in eastern Russia. On board were 87 passengers and 5 crew, several of whom suffered minor injuries as a result of the impact the aircraft suffered after leaving the runway.

Investigations revealed that an erroneous calculation of the brake coefficient was made, as the runway was wet and part of it under construction, reducing the area available for landing and impairing braking. In addition, the pilots landed with an inoperative reverse, a situation that should have been considered in the calculations.

Another point that drew attention was the fact that the flight crew was wrongly informed that the runway was dry and with greater grip.

With so many mistakes, the incident quickly became a reality.

With the departure of the runway, the main landing gear of the aircraft collapsed and part of the tail hit the ground. The damage was so extensive that it was impossible for the airline to repair.

Now the jet is up for auction for a real trifle: just 77,248,334 rubles, equivalent to R$ 5.89 million at the current price. A new jet at the time of the accident was priced at R$182 million.

The reason for the “so low” price is due to the fact that the plane can no longer fly, in addition to being ten years old. Another reason for the low price is that the plane is kept outdoors, exposed to nature as you can see in the advertisement. It has to be considered that, in fact, the greatest value is not in the hull, but in the engines and internal equipment.