Sara Winter reveals behind the scenes of “Camp of the 300”

posted on 11/20/2021 15:06 / updated on 11/20/2021 15:10

  (credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

(credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

Last Friday (11/19), the activist Sara Winter, 29, revealed details of her relationship with the Bolsonaro government and the articulations of the “Acampamento dos 300”, installed in May 2020, in Brasília. In an interview with ISTOÉ, the activist named names of parliamentarians, ministers and President Bolsonaro in the orientation to attack the press, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the then president of the Chamber, Rodrigo Maia.

Sara did not reveal who had the idea of ​​the attacks and said that the camp’s initiative came from her and Osvaldo Eustáquio “which turned into collective hysteria.” However, he said that several lawmakers such as Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ), Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP), Sergeant Fahur (PSL-PR) and Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) were very present in the organization of the camp, including the minister -Head of the Security Office, General Augusto Heleno.

According to the activist, Deputy Carla Zambelli was the congressman who interacted most with the camp. Zambelli would also have led the protests against Rodrigo Maia. The president of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), Bia Kicis, had the role of helping with the organization’s structure. According to Sara, the deputy would have provided an advisor from her office to accompany the meetings with the Federal District’s Security Secretariat. Furthermore, during the interview, she said that President Bolsonaro’s influence on the group was direct, but that he could not be the “protagonist in order not to suffer reprisals”.

When referring to the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, she was careful with her words. Sara came to live with her and it was common for Damares’ daughter to stay at her mother’s house. The minister would have instructed Sara to leave the camp. “Damares already knew I was going to be arrested and the government instructed them not to talk to me anymore”. The two have not spoken since May 27, 2020.

When asked about the workings of the digital militia, she revealed that after she left the Pocket Narist bubble, her media lost steam, but that the most common rumor is that deputies use the amendments in schemes to create false profiles, especially at this time. “There are still people making a lot of money out of it,” he admits.

The former defender of Bolsonaro declares herself disillusioned with the president. Among the reasons for the indignation, the censorship within the pocketnarismo, the lack of support and a debt of more than R$ 3 million, referring to legal proceedings. The activist says she regrets having made the camp. “There is no longer any way to defend Bolsonaro. But if he asks the Pocketnaristas to eat shit, people will eat it.”

Afraid of retaliation, both from the left and from pockets, the activist acknowledges that she uses the press as a means to gain some protection and plans to move to Mexico with her son.