Silas Malafaia’s religious caravan ‘where Jesus went’ includes Dubai | Brazil

Pastor Silas Malafaia
Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ Agência Brasil

Pastor Silas Malafaia

“Do you dream of knowing the places that the Bible mentions and the places where Jesus went?”, invites Pastor Silas Malafaia, president of the Assembly of God Vitória em Cristo. He posted the question on Twitter, last Thursday (18), to call his followers to leave in a caravan to Israel and Dubai in 2022. The confusion arises because Jesus did not pass through the capital of the UAE, a city that is also not quoted in the religious book.

Because of this, Malafaia’s post became the target of a joke, with users’ mentions of Jesus “opening the waters” of the swimming pool at the Burj Al Arab hotel.

But it has also come under criticism for promoting tourism while poor people face extreme poverty.

The Malafaia caravan is expensive — the package to pass through the United Arab Emirates and Israel in 10 days of travel costs R$ 25,400. The price includes economy class airfare, four-star hotels, transfers to hotels and airports, breakfast and dinner, tours and tickets for the route, travel insurance and Portuguese-speaking guides.

The forecast is to leave Brazil on May 10, 2022, arriving in Dubai the following day. On the 13th, the group will leave for Israel, where they will visit the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and other places until their return on May 20th.

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