Strong car door opens and it rains money on highway

A strong car door opened and it rained money on a highway in the U.S. The strong car followed Interstate 5 in San Diego, Calif., an important road on the West Coast, which runs from the Mexican border to Canada and links Los Angeles to Seattle.

The rain of dollars on the highway happened yesterday, Friday (19th) and several people stopped their cars to collect the bills, even totally blocking the road.

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Images of people taking the money circulated through social media and law enforcement authorities are calling on people to return the money.

In the images it is possible to see some running with happiness with the money in their hands and others throwing the bills in the air.

At least two people were detained by police, local TV footage shows.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) told local media that an armored vehicle door opened and bags of cash fell onto the highway and opened.

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“We’re working with the FBI now,” a police spokesman told local news station News 8. “If you took any money, I suggest you turn it over to the CHP office immediately because we have a lot of evidence.”

Wanted by local media, the San Diego FBI said it was working with the highway police and advised people to “return all the money to the CHP.”

A CHP police officer told the “San Diego Union-Tribune” newspaper that anyone who took the money “may face charges.” “If a bunch of TVs fall out of a truck on the highway you can’t just pick up the TVs.”

Police release images of suspects

The highway patrolman also told the newspaper that “about a dozen people” had already returned the stolen money: “People are bringing a lot [dinheiro]. People took a lot of money.”

Highway is covered in cash in the US after a strong car door opens, and people stop cars to pick up dollar bills at the lane — Photo: Montage g1/TikTok Reproduction

The police did not say how much money fell from the armored car or how much was taken, and the company responsible for the transport declined to comment. In a statement released that night, CHP thanked those who had already returned the money and warned others:

“Several photos and videos were posted on social media and captured faces and license plates at the scene of the incident. CHP is working with the FBI to identify those who participated in the money theft,” said the California Highway Patrol.

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CHP released 16 photos and video frames showing some of the people took money from the highway and said they “are encouraged to hand over the money within 48 hours to avoid possible criminal charges.”

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