Strong car door opens and scatters dollars across US highway; watch

The case happened last Friday afternoon, 19th, in San Diego, Calif., on the Interstate, the West Coast highway, which runs from the Mexican border to Canada and links Los Angeles to Seattle

Reproduction/Twitter/@torok19284339Strong car door opened and spread money in USA

One of the main highways of the U.S it was covered in cash after a car door swung open and bags of dollar bills spilled out. The case happened on the afternoon of last Friday, 19th, in San Diego, at California, on the Interstate, West Coast Highway, which runs from the border with the Mexico until the Canada and links Los Angeles to Seattle. In videos circulating on social networks, it is possible to see that the authorities blocked the road in both directions. In the images, some people are also shown collecting money from the ground.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) works in partnership with the FBI and made an appeal for the money to be returned. According to a police officer interviewed by the US information vehicle, anyone who took the money could face charges. “If a bunch of TVs fall out of a truck on the highway you can’t just pick up the TVs.” The highway authority also told the newspaper that “about a dozen people” had already returned the stolen money: “People are bringing a lot [dinheiro]. People took a lot of money.”

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