Tatá Werneck says he doesn’t want to make mistakes anymore or laugh at the pain of others – 11/21/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

“I’m going to put on speakerphone for a minute to take the test here,” says Tatá Werneck, 38, before undergoing a PCR test for Covid. “But let’s talk. I’m used to it, the guy here at the laboratory will even spend Christmas here at home.”

Because of the pandemic, the actress, comedian and presenter turned her home in Rio into a studio to carry out her advertising campaigns. She says she only left home in these almost two years to go to the doctor and record her talk show, “Lady Night”, by Multishow.

The sixth season of the late show that she presents, writes and edits, was recorded in July, having among the guests actors Ary Fontoura and Lilia Cabral, Marcos Mion and ex-BBB Juliette Freire.

On Twitter, some people who watched the show’s premiere on Monday (15) asked Tatá if it was a joke that she appeared several times passing alcohol gel on her hands. “No, I was really desperate,” says the actress in a telephone interview Tuesday morning (16).

“I’m neurotic. The guys there had to do about three Covid tests before recording. The guests arrived with damaged nostrils”, she jokes.

She says that she thought about not doing “Lady Night” this year, because of the pandemic. “When there were no vacancies in hospitals, I said: why am I going to record?”, recalls the actress, who has 61 million followers on social networks. “And there was what happened to Paulo, I was in deep shit.”

Paulo Gustavo, a comedian who died from Covid in May, aged 42, was Tatá’s best friend. The actress cried when talking about him during the conversation with the column, interrupted in the middle because of the publicity she was going to do.

Tatá says he was moved to tears because of his friend in some recordings of “Lady Night”. In the interview with Leandro Hassum, when he heard his colleague say that she and Paulo are stars of the comedy, he burst into tears. “It’s very difficult to be recording after what happened with Paulo. I keep thinking: ‘Paulo, so brilliant, generous, incredible, left’. I even thought, ‘Why do I deserve something?’ imposter syndrome,” he said.

This insecurity, it seems, time is helping to alleviate. Tatá is already working on new projects: in January, he shoots a feature with Ingrid Guimarães and, in March, he shoots “Lady Night” again.
But no job, he says, is more important than being with his daughter, Clara Maria, 2, from her marriage to actor Rafael Vitti, 26.

Read the main excerpts from the interview below.


When I went out to record ‘Lady Night’ I was still very scared. [da Covid], very sad. And that show is the place where I can really laugh, where I enjoy that meeting with the interviewee. And when you have a date on TV, you can’t let a minute go by, you can’t let it go because people are watching.


It crossed my mind not to record the program. First, when there were no vacancies in hospitals. I said: what am I going to record for now? And after Paulo I don’t even need to talk [voz embarga].

When I interviewed Leandro Hassum, I had only seen him twice in my life. I can’t even speak [pausa, voz embargada]…And he made me cry so much. And also laugh so much. It was a moment of catharsis. I think I managed to laugh and cry all that was saved, I managed to enjoy myself after the longest time. It was special.


I cried several times [lembrando do Paulo Gustavo] in the recordings [do ‘Lady Night’]. When I interviewed Juliette, there was no way [não lembrar dele]. the day she won [o ‘Big Brother Brasil’, 4 de maio] it was the day that Paulo died [começa a chorar]. I’m still very sensitive about it [pausa]. When she was there, I thought ‘Wow, that was such a happy day for so many people, I was there cheering for her’, and then [Paulo morreu].

I didn’t want to appear crying on the show, I wanted it to be a moment of joy, because everything is already so heavy.


The pandemic is difficult for everyone, but I was suspicious of those who said it was okay. I thought it was weird, I thought, ‘Is anyone doing well right now?’ You know that person who says ‘I managed to take some time for myself’. I say: ‘Okay, but did you relax in that time?’ Because like that, the world is suffering. Out after everything that happened, I lost Paulo [Gustavo], I lost other friends.


I’ve had moments when I was really sick and needed to work, and making comedy is my job. I need to learn to try to make people laugh whether it’s a good day for me or not, that’s my job.

I’m super religious [é católica] and I remember me as a child saying I wanted to be an instrument, you know? Saying ‘I want to arrive in a discouraged place and cheer up, make someone who is sad to be happy’. I know it’s cheesy to say that. Seeing a person laughing gives me a lot of joy.


We saw the importance of culture at this time of pandemic. It’s the song you listened to when you were alone [na quarentena], the series you saw, the joke you laughed at. Comedy is still cast aside, as if it were acting’s poor cousin. And I take it very seriously. Trying to make a person laugh is my greatest pleasure. Try it, okay?


With the history of the pandemic, we realized that the meetings were very shallow. We found someone and were on the cell phone all the time. I took a walk and spent more time taking pictures than enjoying the walk. On ‘Lady Night’ I enjoy the ride, I see the landscape, I’m present at that moment. That’s where I can really have fun, get emotional. I’ll just stop and think later. Then I say: ‘Putz cripples, I lost the line, I traveled’.


I don’t want to use my work for any disservice. I hired Ana Flor, a person who understands a lot about many things, a master’s degree student in education and a trans woman. She sees the ‘Lady Night’ episodes before [de irem ao ar] and says: ‘Tatá, this is not possible’. And then he spends an hour explaining to me. There are things I never imagined could be offensive. And I don’t want to make any more mistakes.

I don’t want this program to misinform. I want you to have fun, but not this casual stop with everything, [ser] this ‘Oh, this is humor’ thing.


All of a sudden you’re there and you make a joke and when you see it you’re being fat phobic. I don’t want this thing [da desculpa] ‘Humor above all’. I don’t think so… anymore. because it’s not [falar] ‘Ah, but the world has changed’. The world changed for people who were traveling, because it was already wrong. It has always been painful for someone who was being discriminated against with that hood of humor.


A doctor goes to a congress every year, he is always improving, he cannot stagnate. And I don’t either. The comedian cannot remain stuck in time, he has to reinvent himself. It’s not like ‘The truth is this, it’s funny and everyone blows themselves up’.


Political correctness comes with packaging that looks like [interrompe].I make very nasty jokes with myself, with others. But there are things that are criminal. I can’t say ‘it’s funny’ anymore. It’s criminal and period. I can’t be transphobic and say ‘Wait, guys’.


I never play with pandemics. I don’t want to play with other people’s pain anymore, which is ours too, it’s a generalized pain. But I can be here telling you this and let [alguma piada errada] in the edition [do ‘Lady Night’].

I’m very religious, and I think all religions have their value. [pausa]… I’m afraid when someone takes anyone and praises, this thing of [falar] ‘Uhu, wonderful’. Every human being has flaws, it is contradictory. There is no such thing as ‘Uhu’, perfect person.


In January I’m going to make a film with Ingrid Guimarães and directed by Suzana Garcia, the provisional name is ‘Minha Irmã e Eu’. And in March I record ‘Lady Night’ again.

I really wanted to do the show live, with its mistakes and successes there at the time. I hope that with this article I can convince them [o Multishow]. Now, no soap opera [quero mais fazer], Thanks. I’m a fan and grateful to all [que fiz], but no more.


Previously I was 100% focused on work. After my daughter is born, nothing is more important than staying with her. If you ask me now what I would do if I had a break, it would be lying down with her.

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