Tesla drivers were unable to start their cars

Tesla’s drivers said their cars were locked after a power failure hit the automaker’s app. Dozens of owners used social media to report an error message on the mobile app that ended up preventing them from connecting to vehicles.

Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, responded to a complaint from a South Korean driver, saying he was “checking.” A little later, he said the system was coming back online.


The Tesla app is used as a key by drivers to unlock and start their cars. In addition, owners have posted a series of complaints online about the inability to use their vehicles. “I’m stuck an hour away from home because I normally use my phone to call [meu] car”, tweeted one owner, for example.

Man holding the steering wheel of a Tesla car.

According to outage tracking website DownDetector, around 500 users reported an error in Tesla’s app on Friday (18). And five hours later, there were just over 60 reports of an error.

“Sorry, let’s take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again”, tweeted Musk. Also, the app isn’t the only way to access cars, says Stuart Masson, editor of The Car Expert website.

“Technology makes things convenient, but it depends on a server running 100% of the time. It’s like leaving home without my credit cards, hoping to pay for things with my smartphone. If we depend on a mechanism all the time, we can get caught,” he said about the problem that occurred with Tesla’s system.

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Source: BBC

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