Trio do Corinthians talks about his career at Libertadores and projects a possible title

Corinthians has an important commitment next Sunday night, when they decide the final of the Libertadores Feminina against Santa Fé, from Colombia. With an eye on the team’s possible three-time championship, Kemelli, Jheniffer and Cacau talked about the game.

Goalkeeper Kemelli and forward Jheniffer have the opportunity to compete in the first Libertadores for Corinthians. Thus, the duo spoke about the unprecedented experience and performance of the team in the edition of the competition.

“Very happy to dispute my first Libertadores. It is the realization of a dream to be able to play the biggest championship on the continent and to be able to wear this heavy shirt and be able to pursue the tri (of the team) is very gratifying“, said the archer in video for the official profile of the competition.

“In this edition of Libertadores, Corinthians has been playing very well. We managed to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties that we faced and I’m very happy to be contributing with a goal“, analyzed the athlete from the front – See the full video below.

On the other side, Cocoa lives in a different scenario. The athlete disputes her fourth Libertadores with Corinthians and seeks her fourth title in her career, which would make her to be the first player to achieve such a feat – there are two achievements by Timão and one by São José. With an eye on the title, the forward projected the possible achievement.

“For me, winning the Libertadores Feminina means a lot in my career, it’s very important. It’s one of the biggest competitions I’ve ever competed in in my career and I already have three Libertadores, so if I win this will be the fourth and for me it will be a thrill. Each one has its own story, it has its emotion, one is more difficult than the other and for me it will be very important and rewarding for my career”, he explained.

Corinthians is unbeaten in the competition. They won all three games in the group stage, dispatched Alianza Lima, from Peru, in the quarterfinals, and thrashed Nacional, from Uruguay, in the semifinals. In all, there are 22 scored and only two suffered.

Check out the video with the athletes’ speeches

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