Valentina gets revenge on Dayane at Faro Hour

Rodrigo Faro’s program with Valentina Francavilla will air this Sunday (21). (Image: Disclosure / Record)

Valentina Francavilla finally had the dimension of the acts of Dayane Mello in The Farm 2021. The person participated in the recording of the program Faro time, this Friday afternoon (19), where he came across reality.

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During the interview conducted by the presenter Rodrigo Faro, Valentina was confronted with videos of her former colleagues in confinement, which makes her realize that she may have been wrong about the former model. She declared that she regretted the connection she had with her friend.

What caught the most was the image of the ally tearing the jacket of Rich Melquiades. Val says he didn’t have the dimension of what the act could provide outside of the reality show of record and that, for that reason, he did not have a more incisive posture in the case.

During the Fala na Cara frame, the Italian distributed plaques with qualities and defects to players who remain in the competition. The most awaited moment was her positioning about Day and also about her former friend Rico.

The comedian received the plaques of “smart”, “funny” and “troublemaker”. The model was called “irresponsible”, “cruel”, “opportunistic”, “prejudiced”, “manipulative” and “disloyal”. At the time of recording, model Aline Mineiro was satisfied with the Italian’s position.

Gui Araújo confronts Rodrigo Faro after Valentina’s plates

Breaking a new record for “hates”, Gui Araújo receives a total of 13 negative plaques. “Disloyal”, “soap”, “coward”, “liar”, “cheating”, “dishonest”, “disguising”, “cruel”, “gross”, “bad character”, “cheating” and “lazy” were the adjectives chosen by the former stage attendant of the little mouse.

the ex-boyfriend of anitta he didn’t like it and said the artist was relying on edited videos from the show. At this point, Faro intervened and argued that the adjectives are the opinion of the boy’s opponent.

The ex-peoa also faced the questions of journalists Chico Barney, Leo Dias and Keila Jimenez, and of the influencer Lucas Maciel, presenter of the Decompression Cabinet. Furthermore, he faced the Truth Machine.

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