Video: Peões suggest that production allowed the use of drugs in ‘A Fazenda’ | Column Fabia Oliveira

Friday (19) started lively for pedestrians in ‘A Fazenda’. Sthe is in the kitchen when Dynho Alves walks by. She asks: “Has it arrived?” He replies: “It has arrived”. She is disbelieving and retorts: “That’s a lie!”. Then she turns to Aline, who is eating, sitting on the sofa, and says: “Enough (sic) I was more emotional”.

The camera focuses on Aline, who, at first, doesn’t understand much of what Sthe is talking about, but she makes some gesture that leaves no doubt for the ex-panicat. So Aline says, “Oh, did they? Gee, you guys are awesome, huh? You are spoiled, spoiled… Wow! Gives a relief, right? Gives a relief to the mind. For the love of God!”.

Dynho returns to headquarters and Sthe asks if he wants tuna. Afterwards, she hugs him and says: “Oh, I can’t believe you know how to do it”. He replies: “It took time.”

After the party that took place at dawn this Saturday (20), Gui Araújo and MC Gui are taking a shower when Day asks about silk (material used to roll a marijuana cigarette). Bill says he’s there. Day then asks: “Just go there and ‘pan’?”. Gui answers: “Go there and ‘pan'”.

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The column got in touch with Record’s press office this Saturday morning (20), but the agency said it will not comment on the matter.

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