Vini Jr shines with goal and hat, Real scores and becomes Spanish leader – 11/21/2021

Aloof, daring, happy, Vinícius Júnior is unstoppable in the Spanish Championship. In another game with a goal and the Brazilian’s brilliance, Real Madrid thrashed Granada 4-1 with great performance.

Vinícius scored Real’s third in the match, after Asensio and Nacho opened the scoring. Mendy made the fourth of the merengue team, while Suarez decreased to Granada. Now runner-up in the competition, the Brazilian striker even caused an expulsion after a beautiful play with the right to a hat.

With the rout, Real went to 30 points, took the lead in La Liga and now dries up Real Sociedad, which has 28 and takes Valencia this Sunday. Granada remains with 11, opening the relegation zone at the other end of the table.

The best: Toni Kroos

When the game was 2-0 for Real Madrid, Kroos already had two assists for goal and only one wrong pass – he hit 30 of 31. This demonstrates the great game the German midfielder made, setting the pace in midfield and setting up the main plays of Real Madrid. In addition to being the best player, he was also the one who ran the most in the meringues. In short: a manual acting.

The worst: Grenada defense

Despite defending with many players, Grenada’s defensive system was poor. It gave many spaces, hit the head in decisive moves of the game and ended up being leaked very easily. Whether it was for the chances created by Real, or not for the good game of goalkeeper Maximiano, the score could be even higher.

Vini Jr brands, gives a hat and causes evictions

The Brazilian striker is going through a great phase at Real Madrid. Very quick and skillful, Vini once again tormented the defenders, left his dribbles disconcerting and scored the third goal of the game. With the goal, he went to eight in the Spanish Championship – he is the second top scorer in the team and in the competition, only behind Benzema, who has 10. In the end, he also caused the direct expulsion of Monchu. He put a beautiful hat on the marker, left another one behind in the dash, and received a cart in the middle of the steering wheel’s shin. Granada coach Robert Moreno complained a lot about the direct red and was also sent off. Who holds it?

the real game

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Real completely dominated the beginning of the game, attacked Granada a lot on the side of Vinícius Júnior and opened 2-0 with ease: goals from Ansensio and Nacho in two assists by Toni Kroos. I could have made the third in the 31st minute, with Asensio again, but defender Soro saved on the line. The punishment came next. Granada reduced the score, returned to the game and was even better at the end of the first half, but Benzema still almost scored one more in a quick counterattack. In the second half, the initial script was repeated and Real easily reached the third goal, by Vinícius Júnior completing a pass in the small area of ​​Modric, who also played a lot. With the victory underway, Mendy closed the account with assistance in the measure of Casemiro.

the grenade game

Grenada was a bipolar team on the field. It started very poorly, conceded two goals without showing much resistance, but improved and balanced the game after Luis Suarez slowed down. In the 39th minute, Granada almost equalized after Casemiro cut a bad header against his own goal, but Courtois saved the meringues. In the final stage, the hosts had a relapse, repeated the bad start and conceded two more goals without much resistance. They also created less and threatened the rivals’ goals very little.

Luis Suarez, the Colombian

Named after the famous Uruguayan striker, Colombian striker Luis Suárez worked hard and was the best of Granada. He sought the goal all the time and was awarded the ball that he deflected in Nacho and killed Courtes.


Real Madrid scored 2-0 in just 25 minutes with goals from Asensio, in a beautiful pitch by Kroos after a steal from Vinícius Júnior, and Nacho, after a team match between Modric and Kroos in a rehearsed corner kick. Granada dropped at 34, with Luis Suarez counting on a bit of luck. Vinícius was disarmed, the attacker kicked from outside the area and the ball swerved into Nacho, killing goalkeeper Courtois. In the second half, it was the Brazilian striker’s turn to swing the net. Benzema pulled counterattack, Modric fixed it and Vini Jr only pushed for the goal in the small area. With the rout drawn, Mendy made the fourth with beautiful assistance from Casemiro.


Granada 1 x 4 Real Madrid

Local: Nuevo Los Carmenes Stadium in Granada
Date and time: November 21, 2021, at 12:15 pm (Brasilia time)
Referee: Juan Martinez Munuera
Goals: Asensio (18’1T), Nacho (25’2T), Suárez (34’1T); Vinícius Júnior (11′ 2T), Mendy (30’2T)
Yellow cards: Montoro and Bait
Red cards: Monchu and Moreno (technician)

REAL: Courtois; Carvajal, Nacho (Vallejo), Alaba, Mendy; Casemiro, Kroos (Camavinga), Modric (Isco); Asensio, Vinícius Júnior (Rodrygo) and Benzema (Jovic). Technician: Carlo Ancelotti
GRENADE: Maximian; Quini, Díaz (Navarro), Sánchez, Neva; Gonalons (Ruiz), Monchu, Puertas (Montoro), Suarez; Rochina (Molina) and Soro. Technician: Robert Moreno