Vladimir Brichta was consulted about his daughter’s participation in a Globo soap opera | celebrities

Brichta's Daughter is in a Globo soap opera
Marcio Farias

Brichta’s Daughter is in a Globo soap opera

Before formally inviting Agnes Brichta to audition for the role of Martina, in “Quanto mais vida, bem”, the cast producer of the new Globo soap opera consulted the girl’s father. Not that she needed a guardian’s permission to work, as she is 24 years old. The point was that the character turns out to be Neném’s daughter, made precisely by Vladimir Brichta. In other words: the family relationship between the two actors would be repeated in fiction.

“Guilherme Gobbi told me that he had seen Agnes perform online, not knowing who she was. And he thought she would fit the role well. After he found out about our relationship, he asked me if I had a problem with this situation. I replied: “Look, I would never ask my daughter to be cast for a job, but I wouldn’t ask not to do it either.” I don’t open the door, but I won’t close it either.

Agnes, who caught the professional’s attention when she performed a monologue at the end of the course at Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras (CAL), passed the broadcaster’s test. Tomorrow, she will debut as an actress in the eyes of the public, in the novel written by Mauro Wilson, under the artistic direction of Allan Fiterman.

“I’ve been so excited, counting down for a long time! This is my first real job,” she says, aware of the bonuses and burdens of being heiress to the talented and beloved actor. “I have the chance to work with someone I admire a lot. It’s a pleasure to exchange with my father, I feel very comfortable! On the other hand, I know there is greater expectation because of my last name, people can show themselves more criticism. But this doubled attention is good, it generates more curiosity about my work. The public will look at me and I need to show what I’m here for.”

Father and daughter started recording together a year ago, still under strict security protocols, because of the Covid pandemic. The result of this interaction on stage, they will only see now, together with the viewers of “The more life, the better”.

“I confess that there are chips that will only drop when I see the soap on the air. On set, I maintained a very professional demeanor with Agnes. If I had done differently, it would have even been disrespectful to my other colleagues. We created a peaceful working environment in the studios, and at home, we debated, talked, exchanged impressions”, explains Vladimir, who for the first time in two decades of his television career is going through the experience of debuting a completely finished soap opera.

“Recording 161 chapters without being able to see how they’re turning out was a challenge. Now that I’m done, I can say I’m glad I went through this madness, but I don’t want it to happen again, neither to me nor to anyone. Soap opera is a product that works a lot. as well as open work: the actors recording, the chapters airing in the sequence and us being affected by the gaze of the public and ourselves”.

Last year, even with the delays in finishing “Amor de Mãe” due to the global health crisis, the actor decided to amend the two telenovelas, without rest, seduced by the light and good-humored atmosphere of the seven o’clock plot.

“The cool thing about doing “The More Life, the Better” is being able to entertain people. I came from a very realistic 9am drama and played it in a fun 7am comedy, the kind I hadn’t done in a long time. I’m an actor who likes to play build, dare, but I didn’t want to mess with Neném so as not to run the risk of making mistakes. I want him to reach people in the best way possible, I really want it to work out. Getting laughs at this moment has gained a sacred contour,” believes the actor.

Neném is the nickname of Luca Marinho, a Carioca born and raised in Tijuca who has already been very successful as a football player for Flamengo, the Brazilian national team and even teams in Europe. His career was overshadowed by late nights, drunkenness, and declining fitness. Indebted, he was forced to return to live with his mother, Nedda (Elizabeth Savala), her daughters and her two ex-wives: the first, Jandira (Micheli Machado), childhood sweetheart, with whom he had Martina; and the second, Betina (Carol Garcia), with whom he had Bianca (Sara Vidal). His manager, Osvaldo (Marcos Caruso), whom he considers his father, is trying another opportunity for the former sportsman to return to the field.

In the most elaborated moves in the telenovela, the actor is replaced by a stuntman, as is Agnes, since Martina, more commonly known as Tina, has her father as an idol and dreams of following his career. The student also inherited Neném’s blown-out personality and doesn’t take shit home

“She is a very strong girl, determined. I, as a good Libra, am nothing like that. And Tina is younger than me, she is about to turn 18. The certainties she has in life I have not been able to acquire until today . I really admire that determination, that open chest that she has”, analyzes Agnes, who fans of Flamengo, says she only really cares when Brazil participates in the World Cups.