Will Abel Ferreira stay? And Felipe Melo? See what Leila Pereira, the new president of Palmeiras, says | palm trees

The coach has a contract until the end of next year, but he has already received proposals to leave the club. He is expected to be looked for again in the December window. The new leader alviverde, however, understands that Portuguese is an important part of planning for next year.

– It is my wish that Abel, our technician, remains on my project. This I will definitely talk to Abel. He has a contract with us until the end of next year, and I think he is extremely important for the project we have – he said, in an interview with ge.

Leila Pereira is the new president of Palmeiras

Leila Pereira is the new president of Palmeiras

In this first year in Verdão, Abel has already had proposals from Al-Rayann, from Qatar, and another Fenerbahçe, from Turkey. None so far has seduced the coach, who keeps his wife and daughters living in Portugal.

Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras, and Leila Pereira, in the club’s trophy room — Photo: Reproduction

In informal conversations before winning the election, Leila even talked about the possibility of Abel’s family moving to Brazil in 2022, but this is not being addressed at the moment.

About to play in the final of the Copa Libertadores, Abel Ferreira already has in mind what is needed for next season’s dispute, but he still hasn’t had a conversation to deal with the planning.

– I wish her all the best, the best luck in the world and continue with the cycle of victories. I am 42 years old and I will celebrate a ten-year career, in which I had only four presidents. I’ve always had a relationship of respect, friendship, directness. These values ​​accompany me. She is the right person in the right place, she comes with a desire to win, and we want that, to continue to win, to be in the finals. Since we arrived, we’ve only failed against the CRB. Let’s try to reach the finals to win them. It is the recent history of Palmeiras, and the future will also be this – said Abel.

Paulo Buosi, Maurício Galiotte’s first vice president, is part of Leila’s administration and should be closer to football. Football director Anderson Barros has a contract until December and has not yet been notified of an interest in renewing.

In addition to defining the direction of the department, there are decisions to be made in the cast, such as the renewals of Jailson and Felipe Melo, who have a relationship until the end of the year.

– Felipe (Melo) is a player who doesn’t just like me, but all the fans. It is extremely important, we are grateful for the entire journey with us. With respect to any player, the decision will be technical. When I talk to Abel, with the commission, whatever is defined by them will be done and forwarded – Leila explained.

– I only take office on December 15th. Until then, our president is Maurício Galiotte. And the 27th is a very important day for all of us from Palma, with a very important game. I’m going to talk about planning, structure, after the 27th, preferably with the pen on the 15th. But without a doubt, Palmeiras will be stronger and stronger, it needs investment for football to be more and more competitive, and that’s what I’m for here: to make Palmeiras stronger and more victorious – he concluded.

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