With Nikão’s great goal, Athletico-PR defeats Red Bull Bragantino by 1-0 and is two-time champion of the Copa Sudamericana

O Athletic Paranaense is bi-champion of South American Cup. This Saturday, the team won the Red Bull Bragantino, in Montevideo, by the minimum score. Nikão scored a nice volley goal in the first half and hit the net at the Centenário Stadium for Hurricane.

With the triumph in the Uruguayan capital, Athletico became the first Brazilian team to win the continental competition twice. The club also lifted the cup in 2018, when they beat Junior Barranquilla, on penalties, at Arena da Baixada.

The game – The final got off to a busy start as the teams studied each other. In the beginning, Bragantino, under the command of Maurício Barbieri, advanced their lines and put pressure on Athletico, who bet on the transition game. With shots from outside the area, Tomás Cuello and David Terans built good scoring opportunities for both sides.

Over time, Hurricane, trained by Alberto Valentim, imposed itself on the duel and started to attack. At 29 minutes, the change in posture paid off.

Terans kicked hard from the left to Cleiton’s defense. Nikão took advantage of the rebound and, with a volley, finished in the goalkeeper’s right corner. The ball hit the crossbar and then swung the net to put Athletico ahead with a beautiful goal.

Second time

The complementary stage also had good opportunities at the beginning. One of the highlights of the clash, Terans, once again, made a good move. The Uruguayan fixed for Léo Cittadini, who finished close to the goal.

However, the club from Paraná drew back its lines, betting on a more direct game, and came under pressure. Massa Bruta, in turn, controlled ball possession and tried to trigger Artur more regularly. A shot placed from the wing, at half height, passed close to Santos’ right bar.

The last minutes, after the entries of Alerrandro and Gabriel Novaes, were attack against defense. Through crosses, Bragantino went for all or nothing and almost tied the game with Léo Ortiz, who headed after a corner. However, no one hit the net again and, thus, the title was won by Athletico Paranaense.


Local: Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay
Date: November 20, 2021, Saturday
Hour: 5:00 pm (Brasilia)
Referee: Andrés Matonte (URU)
Assistants: Martin Soppi (URU) and Carlos Barreiro (URU)
VAR: Leodan González (URU)
Yellow cards: Léo Cittadini, Abner and Erick (Athletico-PR); Fabrício Bruno and Aderlan (Red Bull Bragantino)

Athletic-PR: Nikão (at 29 of the 1st period)

ATHLETICO-PR: Saints; Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Nico Hernández (Zé Ivaldo); Marcinho, Erick (Fernando Canesin), Léo Cittadini (Nicolas) and Abner; Nikão, Renato Kayzer (Pedro Rocha) and David Terans (Christian)
Technician: Alberto Valentine

RED BULL BRAGANTINO: Cleiton; Aderlan, Fabrício Bruno, Léo Ortiz and Edimar (Luan Cândido); Praxedes (Alerrandro), Jadsom and Cuello (Gabriel Novaes); Artur (Leandrinho), Ytalo (Jan Hurtado) and Helinho
Technician: Maurice Barbieri

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