Woman who was in a coma from Covid-19 wakes up on the day that devices would be turned off

American Bettina Lerman, 69, spent more than a month in a coma after contracting Covid-19. She woke up on October 29, when the devices that kept her alive would be turned off. The case took place in Portland, USA.

The family had already authorized the devices to be turned off after the medical team said the woman would not survive. Intubated since the beginning of her hospitalization, doctors said her lungs were “totally destroyed” by the disease.

Bettina is diabetic and had recently undergone surgery to implant a quadruple pacemaker, which made her case even more serious.

To the newspaper “Washington Post”, Andrew told that he and his brothers had already gone to the city where his mother lived, in Tavares, Florida, returned the rented house and donated many of his belongings.

The family, in fact, was already choosing the coffin, the headstone and the clothes in which Bettina would be buried.

But to everyone’s surprise, at the end of October, Andrew got a call from the hospital. One of the doctors informed him that Bettina had woken up. Andrew was so surprised, he said, that he even dropped the phone.

Bettina has already left the ICU, even though she is still wearing a respirator, and is already preparing for rehabilitation treatment. She was in Portland to help care for her ex-husband, who has cancer, and planned to get the Covid vaccine when she returned to Florida, but she got sick sooner.

Hospital professionals call his recovery a “medical miracle.”

Betttina’s son Andrew, who also had not been vaccinated, said that the situation led him to rethink his decision not to be vaccinated and that he will now seek the immunizer, which is distributed free of charge in the United States.

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