After blasting Dayane, Valentina flips over and praises Rich in The Farm 13 TV News

After saying that she was manipulated by Dayane Mello in A Fazenda 13 and filling it with bad adjectives in her participation in Hora do Faro, Valentina Francavilla switched sides and praised Rico Melquiades. The knockout of the week turned her back on who she considered a friend and “embraced” her rival.

In Fala na Cara, in which the Italian needed to put signs on the totems of the confined, she chose “smart” and “funny” for Alagoas, while selecting adjectives such as “manipulative”, “cruel” and “prejudiced” for the model.

Valentina was shocked to see a collection of videos with some of the nonsense that Dayane dropped in the rural reality, such as saying that he thinks he is “more European” and that white skin is “more elegant”. In her defense, Mouse’s former stage assistant said she was not present most of the time.

“I didn’t see this person in there. To me, she wasn’t like that,” she declared. When asked if she had been eliminated to “pay” the former Big Brother Italia participant’s bill, Valentina admitted that this could be one of the reasons.

As for Rico, the Italian changed her mind a little. Despite keeping her talk about not liking the things he says to others and she considers heavy, Valentina admitted that she understood the play of the Alagoas by immunizing Mileide Mihaile instead of her. “He said I would regret it when I saw him out here and understood,” she confessed.

When he heard about the positive signs, Rico was moved and apologized for the things he said to Valentina. “We weren’t supposed to fight. I never wanted to hurt you here, I tried to protect you, I’m sorry for the bad things I told you,” he asked. In the studio, the ex-SBT started to cry.

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