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Welcome, Anitta! 😍 our girl from river is back and has already arrived causing a stir on social networks. Nobody expected less, right, Brazil?

Excited with the arrival of the singer in Brazil – on the day of the Enem competition – fans created many theories about the artist’s arrival, left their welcome, and went up to #BemVindaAnitta to celebrate this return! She, of course, left a message on the web and confirmed that she’s back in full swing! 🤩

Anitta returns to Brazil

Anitta returns to Brazil

“I’m back, whether you like it or not. I’m in Brazil, prepare yourself. Who caused it, caused it. I’m kidding. My friends are here updating me,” she said in her networks.

“I have an Instagram fake that I just see meme,” she revealed, who said she is not so immersed in the web in her spare time.

But she, who is increasingly familiar with the showbiz international, and already considers the United States, where he lives, his second home, he had said that he had no plans to return to the country. and the anitters (as she calls her fans) they were already missing me so much! In this time off, she caused soooo much abroad. Fans sum it up well:

And for you to refresh your memory of everything she “caused” there, we give you a little help:

💅 Release of the song “Engage”

Anitta and dancer Ayoub Mutanda — Photo: Publicity

During the out-of-country season, there was the promotion of his new song, “Envolver”, in which he stars in hot scenes with the Moroccan dancer Ayoub Mutanda, rocked by the rhythm of reggaeton.

Anitta stars in hot scenes with dancer in the single ‘Envolver’; see clip

Ayoub Mutanda and Anitta — Photo: Publicity

Anitta was also featured at the Latin Grammy 2021. At the event, she moved fans with a tribute to Marília Mendonça, who died this month in a plane crash. To the sound of “Eu sei de cor”, a hit by Marília, Anitta gave a beautiful speech about our eternal Queen of Suffering.

Anitta pays homage to Marília Mendonça at the 2021 Latin Grammy: ‘One of the most beloved singers in Brazil’

Latin Grammy: See Anitta, Carolina Dieckmann and more famous looks for awards

💅 Meeting with Gil do Vigor

There was even a meeting with Gil do Vigor, in Las Vegas. He is doing a doctorate in economics at the University of Davis, in the United States, and went to Vegas, where he had dinner with the singer. The ex-bbb even said he received advice from the artist. Check out:

Gil do Vigor talks about meeting Anitta in Las Vegas

Gil do Vigor talks about meeting Anitta in Las Vegas

Gil do Vigor talks about meeting Anitta in Las Vegas: ‘He gave me so much advice’

💅 Global sustainability celebration with Barack Obama 👀👏

Poderosa participated in the same event as former US president Barack Obama. She sang “Girl From Rio” in global celebration “Dear Earth”, promoted by YouTube Originals, with world leaders and artists, focused on sustainability.

Anitta participates in global sustainability celebration with Barack Obama

💅 Top 50 of American Pop Radio

Another international post by Anitta, “Faking Love” didn’t even need 10 days to figure among the most listened to songs in the United States. O single, in partnership with American rapper Saweetie, entered the Top 50 of pop radio stations in the country.

Anitta hits the top 50 of American pop radio with her new hit, ‘Faking Love’

At the launch, she even gave an interview directly from the United States. In the conversation with journalists, she told a lot of frills, including about her enjoyment in ballads. He even talked about career breaks and having children before 35! 😮 Check out what she said 👇:

“The plans are kept. I want to take a break, be quiet, walk a lot, have children, some dolls (laughs) and that’s it,” she said.

Anitta tells it all: new songs, music clip recording, career break and children

But there’s still time for us to enjoy Anitta more, guys. She does not stop! Write down what we already know in the diary! 👇

✔ Nossa Girl From Rio is a very confirmed presence at the Lollapalooza Paris and Rock in Rio Lisbon festivals in 2022.

From Cardi B to Mariah Carey: See Anitta’s International Friendships

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