Atlético beats Cruzeiro and is two-time champion of the Minas Gerais Women’s Championship

With Dayana’s goal, Avengers make 1-0 over the biggest rival in Mineirão this Sunday (21) and guarantee the State title in 2021

Atlético is the champion of the Minas Gerais Women’s Championship in 2021. In a classic played at Mineirão this Sunday (21), the Avengers beat Cruzeiro’s players by 1-0 and ensured the title of the competition. The goal that guaranteed the championship for the Alvinegra team was scored by Dayana in the first half.

The greatest Minas Gerais champion, Atlético now has eight state wins, this season being the second in a row over its biggest rival.

The game

The first half was hotly disputed by the two teams, who, despite a lot of will, struggled to reach the opposing goal. With that, the set piece turned out to be a good weapon for the teams.

And it was precisely in a free kick that the Avengers opened the scoring. In a free kick on minute 19, Aninha crossed the ball in Cruzeiro’s area without great danger, but goalkeeper Mary Camilo faltered and Dayana got the rebound to open the scoring in Mineirão: 1-0 for Galo.

After the goal, Fox was after a reaction, but couldn’t build good moves in attack and went to halftime with a disadvantage on the scoreboard.

Needing the result, Cruzeiro returned to the second half with great disposition, but still lacking in submissions. After 13 minutes, Janaína received it alone on the right wing of the area, but ended up submitting over the goal.

In the final minutes, the celestial team went all out on the attack. In one of the best opportunities, defender Pires went free after a corner kick and headed firmly, but saw the ball explode on the crossbar and go out the end line.

Finally, Atlético held the result and became two-time Mineiro champion in 2021.

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