Away from the spotlight, Zezé Di Camargo shows real life on Netflix

One of the most popular artists in the history of country music, Zezé Di Camargo is used to a universe of grandiose numbers, awards, records, fame and money. However, in the series É o Amor: Família Camargo, the artist lets himself be shown without so much glamour. Along with his daughter Wanessa, Francisco’s son reveals simple habits and faces sensitive moments in his career, such as divorce and voice problems.

In one of the episodes, Graciele Lacerda vents about the controversies that surrounded the family during the separation of Zezé and Zilu: “What hurts is being told: ‘you’re the one who destroyed the marriage,’” he says.


Zilu, the artist’s ex-wife and Wanessa’s mother, is forceful in stating that if he had known beforehand the repercussions that the episode would reach, he would have chosen to remain anonymous.

Directed by Ricardo Perez, the series was recorded during quarantine, on the family’s farm, in the interior of Goiás. During this period, Zezé and Wanessa set up an improvised studio on the property and recorded an album with new songs.

During the recordings, father and daughter received visits from famous people, such as singers Thiaguinho, Paula Fernandes, Léo Santana and Felipe Araújo, who sang with Zezé and Wanessa. Tiago Abravanel and ex-player Denilson, Zezé’s brother-in-law, also participate in the production, as well as actresses Cleo Pires and Priscila Fantin. The two are friends with Wanessa and remember how they helped the singer through the difficult moments of her life.

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