Back, Fred and Luiz Henrique guarantee Fluminense’s victory over América-MG | Fluminense

Luiz Henrique was thrilled after swinging the netLucas Mercon/Fluimnense

Published 11/21/2021 19:03 | Updated 11/21/2021 19:04

Rio- Back on the pitch after two away games, Fluminense’s top scorer duo in the Brazilian Championship decided once again. Luiz Henrique, recovered from a muscle injury, and Fred, returning from suspension, scored the goals in the tricolor 2-0 victory over América-MG, at Maracanã, and placed the team in the classification zone for next year’s Libertadores.

With three points, Tricolor rose to seventh in the Brazilian Nationals, and although not officially, the placement is enough to place the team in Pre-Libertadores in 2022. After the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil decisions, the G- 6 will become at least G-8, as those involved are qualified for the competition.

Lacking opportunities and sleepy, the first half at Maracanã was saved by a tremendous vacillation in the defense of América. After the free kick, Coelho’s players tried to leave the tricolors offside, but missed. Unmarked and goalkeeper, Luiz Henrique was left alone to swing the net. No celebration he couldn’t contain his emotion and went to tears. Now with five goals, he is the team’s top scorer in the championship.

The final stage continued monotonous, with a little creative Fluminense and an América canceled by the strong Tricolor marking. The best chance was in an individual play by Luiz Henrique, who got rid of three markers and forced a defense by Cavichioli. From the trickery of Cazares, the second goal was born. The Ecuadorian took a quick free kick and found John Arias, who was Eduardo Bauermann inside the area. Penalty converted by Fred in the 37th minute, decreeing the triumph at Maracanã.