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Published on 11/20/2021 19:16.

Children are oriented about oral hygiene during health action in Maria Quitéria

Photo: Thiago Paixão/ Secom

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Children learned in a playful and fun way about oral health care during another edition of the Global Health and Community Action, held this Saturday, 20th, at the Paulino Martins Municipal Nursery, in the district of São José (Maria Quitéria). The initiative for the project is the Municipality of Feira, through the Health Department.

Creativity and fun were necessary to teach them brushing techniques and emphasize the importance of healthy eating. Maria Júlia, 5 years old, received guidance from the dental team and received a dental kit.

“I really like to smile, and today I learned that when we brush our teeth, we need to dry the brush after we use it, because of the bacteria”, said Maria Júlia.

According to Maria Cristina Rosa, head of the Dental Division, guidelines on oral hygiene should be taught to children as soon as possible.

“Parents must teach their children that they need to brush their teeth in the morning after breakfast, noon after lunch and at night, before bed. This learning process the child takes for a lifetime and also teaches to their families. the best way to avoid problems,” he says.


During the Global Action, the men received the guide to request routine laboratory tests, including the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) – capable of early detection of the disease – and referrals to a urologist, if necessary. The service was offered as part of the program of the November Blue campaign, month of prevention against prostate cancer.

Trader Valdomiro da Fonseca, 54, took the opportunity to make his request. “I’ve always had the habit of taking care of my health. I already have the papers in hand and ready to take the exams. I congratulate the entire City Hall team that brought the population even closer to health”.


District residents had access to vaccination against Covid-19 and exam for diagnosis of the disease, updating of the child’s vaccination booklet, prevention of breast cancer and promotion of women’s health.

Rapid tests were also carried out for the diagnosis of syphilis, hepatitis and HIV, updating and registration of the SUS card, scheduling appointments and tests upon medical request, medical care (pre-scheduled by the health unit), laboratory services and guidance on preventing dengue and other arboviruses.

On the 27th of this month, Ação Global arrives in Jaguara. In all, seven districts will be awarded the services.

The information is from Secom de Feira de Santana.