Christian has a serious accident, Lara tries to save him and the car then explodes.

Christian in A Place in the Sun
Christian rolls over the car and falls off a cliff

In a place in the sun, Christian will suffer a serious car accident after Barbara breaks up with him. She will make that decision after discovering that the boy had a child outside of wedlock. Baffled, he’ll get drunk and then decide to set off after Lara at Pouso Feliz.

However, along the way, the boy will end up suffering a serious accident. This will happen because Barbara will discover, after a DNA test, that Christian is not Luc’s father. The woman will call him, who, when answering the call, will get distracted and see another car coming towards him. Christian will still try to dodge, but it will be too late and he will end up losing control and overturning.

Coincidentally, Lara will be driving with Mateus when the accident happens. “Oh my God, Matthew, stop the car!” she will say, desperate. The young woman will get out of the vehicle to try to help, but Matthew will convince her that it is too dangerous. “For God’s sake, Lara, it’s dangerous,” he’ll say. “There’s someone in the car!” she will scream. “It’s no use going down, without anything, without equipment. I’m going to call the fire department”, the boy will say.

Then the two will leave the scene and firefighters will quickly arrive for the rescue. They will manage to get Christian out of the car and, a few seconds later, the vehicle will explode.

The scenes are due to air between the episodes of the 27th and 29th of November.

a place in the sun is written by Licia Manzo, under the general direction of André Câmara and Maurício Farias, and will have 107 chapters. Cauã Reymond, Andreia Horta, Marco Ricca, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Andréa Beltrão, Alinne Moraes, Gabriel Leone, Marieta Severo and José de Abreu are the protagonists of the series.

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