Corinthians dominates, beats Santos with authority and reaches the G4 of the Brazilian Championship

This Sunday afternoon, Corinthians hosted Santos for the 34th round of the 2021 Brazilian Championship. In a game played at Neo Química Arena, the team coached by Sylvinho won 2-0, with goals by Jô and Gabriel, against Fábio’s team Carille.

Timão dominated Santos in almost the entire game. In the first half, Corinthians de Sylvinho submitted 14 times and failed to open the scoring. In the second stage, that changed after three minutes, when Jô opened the scoring. After 40 minutes, Gabriel scored the second and gave the final numbers to the game.

With the victory, Corinthians reached 53 points, surpassed Red Bull Bragantino and Fortaleza and took fourth place in the Brazilian Championship. In addition, Timão opened six points for Internacional, which is in seventh place.

Write it down, Faithful! – Corinthians’ next appointment is on Thursday, away from home. Timão visits Ceará, for the 35th round of the Brasileirão, in a game played at Arena Castelão.


Coach Sylvinho was forced to change the team, as Giuliano was injured against Flamengo. Besides him, Cantillo also felt and was embezzled for the match. Thus, Corinthians started the derby with the following lineup:

  • Cassius; Fagner, João Victor, Gil and Fábio Santos; Gabriel, Renato Augusto, Du Queiroz, Gabriel Pereira and Róger Guedes; Job

my helm

On the other hand, Fábio Carille played Santos with: João Paulo, Kaiky, Luiz Felipe and Danilo Boza; Madson, Camacho, Vinícius Zanocelo, Gabriel Pirani and Felipe Jonatan; Marcos Guilherme and Diego Tardelli.

The game

First time

The first half was very intense and with total control by Corinthians. Scoring high and leaving Santos to create practically nothing, Sylvinho’s team had the best chances to open the scoring.

With five minutes, Gabriel gave a beautiful shot for GP, but the ball passed a little and the shirt 38 tried to cover the goalkeeper of Santos, but was unsuccessful. Soon after, the young attacking midfielder received a pass from Fagner and kicked weakly to defend João Paulo.

Scoring high up, Corinthians didn’t let Santos pass the midfield and the ball possession of Sylvinho’s team reached practically 70%. With 13 minutes, Róger Guedes scored with Jô, dribbled a defender and saw João Paulo preventing the first goal. In the corner, Gil nodded weakly.

In a good collective move by Renato Augusto with Du Queiroz, GP received it at the edge of the area and decided to shoot, when the best option was Fagner. Soon after, the shirt 23 went up again and crossed for Jô, but Luiz Felipe cut it before the ball reached Timão’s forward.

Throughout the first half, Corinthians followed with the same offensive posture. Scoring on top and not letting Santos breathe, Róger Guedes had another chance to score, after a beautiful pass by Renato Augusto. Near the small area, shirt 123 stopped in good defense by João Paulo.

In one of the few times that Santos passed the midfield, Gabriel Pereira stole the ball and set up a good counterattack with Du Queiroz and Renato Augusto. When it came to getting a ten, however, GP kicked weakly towards the rival’s goalkeeper.

It was with 42 minutes that Santos attacked for the first time. Felipe Jonatan passed by Fagner and crossed the head of Diego Tardelli, who submitted, without danger, out of goal.

At 45 minutes, Timão created the last goal opportunity. Fagner started from the right side of the field in a beautiful individual play and the ball fell to Jô. Without any marking, the attacker submitted with a bad leg and the shot went over the goal.

Second time

Due to the good first half, Corinthians de Sylvinho returned unchanged for the second stage. Santos, on the other hand, made two substitutions: Ângelo and Lucas Braga in the places of Gabriel Pirani and Madson.

Everything changed three minutes into the second half. Gabriel Pereira found Du Queiroz, who only turned to Jô. In a nice pivotal spin, the 77 jersey turned and kicked without a chance for João Paulo to open the scoreboard at Neo Química Arena.

After the goal, Faithful got even crazier and kept pushing Corinthians in the game. With good passes in attack, Timon had a dangerous foul in his favor. On charge, Fagner stopped at the barrier.

Behind the scoreboard and dominated for most of the game, Santos changed their posture and started stepping into the attacking field with good moves by Ângelo and Lucas Braga. With 12 minutes, Diego Tardelli submitted from a distance, but the ball went over Cássio’s goal.

In an individual play by Tardelli, Santos started to scare again. The attacker went to the end line and crossed, but the ball was not left for a teammate of the experienced player. In the remainder, Camacho isolated.

At 18 minutes, Sylvinho called William. The shirt 10 entered Gabriel Pereira’s vacancy. Back after seven games, the player was highly applauded by Fiel at Neo Química Arena.

Despite an improvement by Santos in the game, as they changed their posture, Corinthians remained comfortable in the match. Timão stayed on the attacking field, but couldn’t create as many chances as in the first half.

With 25 minutes, Du received a beautiful pass from Renato Augusto. Facing the area, the young defensive midfielder submitted and saw Danilo Boza take the ball that had the right address. After that, the game was still very disputed in midfield.

Five minutes later, Corinthians was close to the second goal. Renato Augustou cast Willian, who dominated and rolled to Fagner. The shirt 23 was caught by Danilo Boza. Soon after, the shirt 10 received another one on the right side and won a corner.

With 33 minutes, Du Queiroz left and Roni entered his vacancy. The shirt 29 had a strong foul and received a yellow card at 37 of the second stage. With that, the player was suspended and will not be able to play against Ceará.

After a good exit with Fagner, Jô found Róger Guedes who dribbled three, but was unable to continue the move. The ball was left to Renato Augusto, who kicked it and saw the ball deflect on Felipe Jonatan.

In the corner, Corinthians scored its second goal. Renato Augusto crossed, Jô supported and Gabriel scored another one for Timão. The shirt 5 was very moved by the goal scored.

After the second goal, Corinthians continued in attack. Róger Guedes kicked hard and saw João Paulo palming. Soon after, Gustavo Mosquito took over for Jô, who was cheered by more than 43,000 people at the Neo Química Arena.

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