Corinthians wins Santa Fe and wins the women’s Libertadores trio – 11/21/2021

Even without a great performance, Corinthians had no difficulties to beat Santa Fe, from Colombia, and take the Libertadores Feminina title. The 2-0 victory tonight (21), at Parque Central, in Montevideo, Uruguay, guaranteed Timão’s third title in the tournament.

Adriana, at nine of the first half, took advantage of the Tapia goalkeeper’s failure to open the scoring. Even with the team missing many passes, Corinthians managed to score the second even before the break, at 41, with Gabi Portilho. In the second half, the match was more truncated and the net did not shake.

Champion in 2017, in partnership with Audax, and in 2019, Corinthians reaches the third title of the most important competition on the continent and draws with São José-SP as the biggest winner of the tournament, leaving rivals Santos and Ferroviária, with two each, backwards.

Who did well: Tamires

With a real avenue to attack on the right side of the opposing defense, the Corinthians midfielder played a great game. Smart in plays and accurate in passing, he commanded Timão’s main offensive actions. In addition, she also helped a lot in defensive composition.

Who was wrong: Tapia

The goalkeeper was one of the highlights of Santa Fe in the Libertadores campaign, but failed very badly in Corinthians’ first goal. With the wrong time on the ball, it gave Corinthians the chance to come out ahead and start commanding the match.

Even with many wrong passes, Corinthians dominates

Alvinegro missed several passes, in defense, midfield and attack. Even so, handing the ball to the opponents, the team from São Paulo did not have many difficulties to impose its rhythm and win the match. The second goal, at the end of the first half, was enough to reassure the team, which improved after that, and show the opponents that a comeback would be very unlikely.

Grazi enters to raise the cup

At the age of 40, Grazi joined Corinthians in Tamires’ vacancy to receive the captain’s armband and lift the cup. The athlete who scored 60 goals for the team received this fair tribute in the final stretch of her career.

Santa Fe scares, but Timão is the one who scores

With just three minutes of the ball rolling, Viviana played for Salazar, who sent a bomb on Kemelli’s crossbar. However, the Parque São Jorge club opened the scoring, at nine of the first half.

Vic Albuquerque crossed very hard and the goalkeeper Tapia tried to get out to grab. After the second stick, Gabi Portilho managed to avoid the ball going out and played backwards. Adriana tried hard and shook the net.

Not even the flaws prevent the second goal

Technically inferior, the Colombian club managed to take danger to the goal defended by Kemelli in Corinthians’ passing errors. At 14, Kena almost had a chance after a corner kick. At 30, Yasmim barely recoiled the ball to the goalkeeper, he still recovered the ball, however he touched it to Joemar, who wasted the best chance.

Despite this, Corinthians was the one who changed the score at Parque Central. At 41, Tamires received the ball with freedom on the left and crossed to the point for Gabi Portilho to go all the way into the area and hit the goal.

Most disputed second half

The team from Bogotá returned more organized in the second stage and tried to suffocate Corinthians. Gauto, on minute 16, landed another great shot, however, this time the ball went close to the crossbar. The improvement in the production of the colorada team left the clash more disputed in midfield and with fewer dangerous moves compared to the first half.

The changes made by the two coaches and the physical wear and tear of the teams left the game warmer in the end, without major moves. Managing the result, Timão

Part-time support

By bus, Corinthians fans left the city of São Paulo on Friday (19th) to watch the final in Montevideo. However, they managed to enter Parque Central only at half-time to push the club into the big decision.


Date: 11/21/2021 (Sunday)
Local: Gran Parque Central Stadium, in Montevideo (URU);
Hour: 20h (from Brasilia);
Referee: Maria Laura Fortunato (ARG);
Assistants: Mariana de Almeira (ARG) and Daiana Milone (ARG);
VAR: Salome di Iorio (ARG).

Goals: Adriana (9’/1ºT) and Gabi Portilho (41’/1ºT) for Corinthians.

Yellow card: Yasmine (COLOR).

Corinthians: Kemelli; Katiuscia (Poliana), Giovanna Campiolo, Sparrow and Juliete; Diany (Ingryd), Gabi Zanotti (Andressinha), Gabi Portilho and Tamires (Grazi); Adriana and Victoria Albuquerque (Jhennifer). Technician: Arthur Elijah.

Santa Fe-COL: Tapia; Gutiérrez (Leivis Ramos), Rangel, Ramos and Acosta; Salazar, Kena Romero (Chacón), Robledo and Gauto; Celis (Cuesta) and Guarecuco (Jessica Peña). Technician: Erazo.

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