Dentinho enjoys Sundays in a luxurious pool, next to his family

This Sunday, November 21st, Tooth and Dani Souza they went to have fun in the pool at the mansion, alongside their children, Bruno Lucas, aged nine, and the twins, Rafaella and Sofia, aged seven.

On social networks, the ace even published a photo of the moment with his family and wrote: “Sunday.”

Earlier this November, Dentinho left Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, after ten years. The football player returned to Brazil and was reunited with his family in Alphaville, Greater São Paulo.

On the day of Dentinho’s arrival in the country, Dani Souza wrote: “Welcome back home, my love @mlkdentinho. How good you are to be here with your family! We love you so much! Thank you, sir, for this wonderful family you have given me!”

Last September, Dani Souza celebrated his son’s 9th birthday Bruno Lucas. The party took place at his mansion in Alphaville, in Greater São Paulo.

Dani had fun with Bruno Lucas and the twin daughters Rafaella and Sophia, seven years old. At that time, Dentinho did not attend, as he was working in Ukraine, where he works for Shakhtar Donetsk. Even so, Dentinho insisted on talking to the family via video and ended up feeling emotional with longing.

“Don’t cry, Dad,” said Bruno Lucas.

“The father is crying with joy, son”, said the player.

Dani Souza also spoke of missing her husband and ended up crying too.

The party featured a live and can be viewed on YouTube. Among the guests were Lexa and Mc Guimê. Check out how the party went!


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