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A fan who was present at the ‘Baile da Doutora’, by the digital influencer Deolane Bezerra, which took place last Saturday (20), in São Paulo, went through moments of terror. The model and actor Enrico Burin used his social networks this Sunday (21st), to report that was attacked during the event that brought together thousands of people.

On his Instagram profile, the boy shared a video where he appears being hanged by a security guard and reported that the attacks took place after he was accused of robbery:“This video shows when DEOLANE’S BAILE’s security guard suffocates me, and I started to lose feeling and fainted at the time”, reported Enrico in the video caption.

And he continued explaining: “It was a stranglehold at the time, he even threatened me saying he was going to pick me up outside, and I passed out soon after, I fell into a huge hole, full of rocks, what kept me from hitting my neck and dying was the cap that in the which one I was wearing, which until then were saying that I had stolen her hat, since I was already wearing a hat, they even found out who took her hat!!!

The young man shared yet another video where he appeared his mother in despair upon realizing that he had passed out after suffering the choke hold. Enrico Burin also published a photo taken by another person who witnessed the confusion. In the image, the boy appears on the ground being hanged.

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Deolane Bezerra has not commented, so far, on the confusion at her musical event.

Deolane Bezerra talks about music projects

Attorney Deolane Bezerra used her social media recently to comment on her new projects in music. In conversation with her followers, the widow of funk artist MC Kevin gave details about a chat she had with admirers. The blonde wanted to know why people like her so much and stated that she received as an answer that people see her as a true “fortress”:

You are a fortress, you give us a lot of strength. You represent Brazilian women in all styles. The woman who loved, the woman who forgave, the independent woman, the single mother and I’m going to talk to people, it’s so good to hear, welcoming people at this stage of my life, was paramount”, told the lawyer in her stories on Instagram.

Deolane Bezerra went on to say that the affection she receives from the public on a daily basis was essential for her to stand up after the tragic death of the musician that occurred in May of this year. The influencer reported that she tries to continue even with the mourning and continues because she feels that this is “her duty”: “I stayed here and I have a lot of people around me who need me right? So we take it one day at a time”, told the blogger.

Bezerra followed his outburst, declaring that he has already struggled a lot in his life to achieve his financial goals: “I’m not talking about the fame part, because fame was something very tragic that happened in my life that led to fame. But to spend, to go to parties, to use what I wear and help people, I fought, I will come night to become the Deolane Forte that I am today”.

The digital influencer also talked about her project in music and explained what he understands as “following Kevin’s legacy”: “When I talk about following Kevin’s legacy it’s not as a singer it’s like nothing, Kevin did unimaginable things the guy was a cutting-edge artist, but he was overflowing with love. Because that’s what he did”, explained the lawyer.

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