‘Diego Costa has always been a digger’

The presenter André Rizek contested the marking of a penalty on striker Diego Costa, from Atlético-MG, in yesterday’s duel against Juventude, which ended in 2-0 for the Minas Gerais team, valid for the Brazilian Championship.

On Twitter, the journalist from Grupo Globo mocked the “interventionist” behavior of the referees who command the VAR – in the game in question, referee Luiz Flávio de Oliveira changed his opinion about the move after consulting the video. He even said that the player “always” tried to dig penalties.

“Diego Costa has always been a player trying to dig penalties in Europe. But, in Brazil, he has already realized that, the third time, the VAR will not hold up. ‘Now, let’s shine! Your judge, run there and we found that jabuticaba penalty to score'”, he began.

Rizek also compared the penalty scored in Mineirão with a move in the match between Inter and Flamengo, which occurred shortly after.

In the 1st half of the confrontation, the players of the Rio team complained about a possible infraction committed by Moisés in Éverton Ribeiro, but nothing was marked.

“It is curious that, in the interventionist scenario, they did not give the penalty (very clear) by Moisés in the ER. With some effort, they even manage to explain the logic of letting go by the referee’s interpretation. explains under no logic,” concluded the presenter.