Diogo Nogueira catches Paolla Oliveira in a bikini and the reaction surprises

beautiful and Diogo Nogueira took advantage of the day to enjoy the romance with Paolla Oliveira. On social networks, the singer even caught a glimpse of the actress walking in her bikini in her mansion.

When she realized she was being filmed, she joked: “Is it video? God forbid! Impossible.”

Diogo also made another video in which he said: “Beautiful, pretty girl, right?”

Paolla Olvieira and Diogo Nogueira have been together for almost five months, and their relationship has been very successful on the web since its official announcement by the artists.

Because of this, the music star wrote a song inspired by the actress, called “Flor de Caña”, which was recently featured in a clip, and Renata Capucci, reporter for “Fantástico”, accompanied the day of recording.

“Has anyone ever written music for you in your life?”, she asked Paolla Oliveira in an interview.

“No, no, no. Quite the opposite. Look at the smile!”, replied the actress. “Did you write the song and tell him how or was it something that happened together?”, she asked Diogo Nogueira.

“I stayed in contact with my partners, Rodrigo Leite and Cau Ique, for two or three days. And we kept communicating through Whatsapp, because they live in São Paulo”, explained the singer.

“But I didn’t say anything. Then, we would lie down, we would be in our seats, and I would say: ‘quickly, quickly… I’m going to write something here’”, he added.

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Finally, Paolla Oliveira hinted that, although she and Diogo Nogueira are not yet living together, this moment is about to arrive:

No. If when we are together we don’t live a more intense life, close. In a little while, it’s a show on one side, a soap opera on the other. So, it’s all close. Almost a toothbrush together”.


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