‘Don’t be jealous of my scenes’, says Cauã about Goldfarb

Cauã Reymond and actress Alinne Moraes play the couple Renato and Bárbara in the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol”. Even the former couple in real life made hot scenes in the global news, but according to the actor, working with the actress does not harm his relationship with his wife, Mariana Goldfarb.

“I’ve been married to famous women and I was tired of business, you know? I don’t know how Taís and Lázaro can stand it! (laughs) We don’t talk about working at home. I preserve our relationship a lot. health. She’s good. She’s not jealous of my scenes with Alinne [Moraes]”, he said in an interview with Ela, from Jornal O Globo.

During publicationTheo, Cauã told about how the tragic story of his family served as an inspiration in his career. “My mother (Denise Reymond, who died in 2019 from cancer) was adopted. I recently found out that her sister died of malnutrition. Strong, right? My grandmother is a hundred years old and has been disabled since she was born. And my aunt Simone , who suffered from schizophrenia, in an outbreak, broke the whole house. One day, he tried to cut my dick off. I was very scared. My family’s story was very powerful as an inspiration”, he commented.

According to him, his mother was reunited with her biological family at the time of “Lady of Fate” (novela 2004). “The curious thing is that the plot talked about it. It was at this time that she found out that her sister had died of malnutrition. I even think she was a twin, I don’t know. Therefore, the role I’m playing today has a very strong charge. ..”

The carioca claims that he has “scars that are not physical”. “Once, a journalist asked me, at a movie release, why I played so many characters with family conflicts. I didn’t know how to answer. I stuttered, laughed, but didn’t respond. Today, I understand. These stories came to me because of what I have to exorcise. I think it’s beautiful to catch the ghosts and turn them into art,” confesses he, who is the father of Sofia Marques, age 9, from her relationship with Grazi Massafera.