Doutor Jairo · 5 tips to have a good first time experience

I want to start my sex life, now what?

We know that the idea of ​​taking this step and having the “first time” can, many times, provoke various feelings, such as stress and fear. But this need not (and should not) take away the pleasure of having sex.

Discover some tips to help ensure your first sexual experience is fun, pleasurable, safe and enjoyable.

1. get ready

This may seem a little “obvious”, but it is one of the most important points. Are you really ready?

Sex, in addition to being a completely natural activity, is emotional as well. That is, feelings can take control of the situation and it is quite normal to feel an overload and confusion about the matter.

If you feel nervous about the idea, take a minute to think if that’s really what you want at the moment, if you are not feeling pressure and if it will happen to someone you trust. Also, beware of very high expectations.

While feeling emotionally ready is a key issue, seeking adequate protection will also help you feel comfortable and increase your pleasure. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy, condoms also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

2. Do you both want?

There’s nothing better than making sure you both really want to have sex. Consent is an essential part. and therefore communication must be clear.

Talk to the partner, let the person know how you are feeling, what is and isn’t working. It’s no problem to change your mind and if at any point you are feeling uncomfortable, take a breath and try again when you are both ready.

Remember that if one of the two is under the influence of alcohol or feeling pressure, both situations do not count as consent. The best way is always communication. and so it is important to ask the other person how they are feeling.

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3. Know the different types of sex

Sex is sex, right? In fact, not quite. Sex can mean different things to different individuals. and so there are some ways to have sex.

Generally, people tend to reduce sex only to penetration, in other words, the so-called vaginal sex, when the penis is introduced inside the vagina. But there are other possibilities that can also be just as pleasurable, such as oral and anal sex.

Regardless of your choice, don’t forget condoms. In all types of sex, a condom is the best option to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

4. Don’t forget the foreplay

Before the “first time”, maybe you spend a lot of time thinking about the “end result”. Although, perfecting the foreplay can help you enjoy more pleasurable sex — in addition to reducing the chances of pain.

Preliminary calls are any action a person takes to get the partnership properly excited., as is the case with kisses. The ideal is to stimulate as much as possible until both feel good for the next step.

All this movement also facilitates the mechanics of sex. After all, it is through foreplay that a man finds it easier with an erection and a woman experiences greater vaginal lubrication, facilitating penetration and intercourse itself.

5. Communication, communication and communication!

Sex should be something pleasurable and one way to ensure this happens is to keep communicating well.. Some actions may make you uncomfortable, or you may enjoy stimulation in a certain area… If this is not spoken, how will the other person know?

Whether it’s the first or the hundredth time having sex, in each one you might want to have a different experience. and therefore speaking is the best choice.

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