Enem 2021: issue cites the song ‘Admirvel Gado Novo’ and becomes a joke on the networks

Enem 2021 is already starting to be commented on in the networks (photo: Disclosure)

Even without the release of the Enem 2021 questions notebook, several internet users have already begun to reflect on the questions of the first day of tests of the National High School Exam (Enem), held this Sunday (11/21). One of the questions ended up turning It’s a joke in the networks, for taking an excerpt of the song ‘Admirvel Gado Novo’, by singer Z Ramalho.


Enem 2021: Students who leave test sites do not report ‘controversy’

Belo Horizonte councilor and teacher Duda Salbert (PDT) commented on the matter on social media. “One of Enem’s questions asked me to relate the current social situation in Brazil to an excerpt from ‘Admirvel Gado Novo’, by Z Ramalho, which sings ‘the life of cattle.’ , he joked.

Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) are called ‘cattle’ by the opposition. The head of the federal Executive even made a statement saying that the examination would have more ‘the face of the government’ in the 2021 edition.

Referring to this line, the students ended up making jokes. “The enem really has the face of the government now,” said one netizen.

In addition to the question, Enem also addressed other topics. Among them: racism; woman’s eroticization; enslaved; indigenous issue; Brazilian prison population; critical reading of news and social movements.

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