Ex-BBB Ariadna Arantes defends Anitta and accuses Mouse of cheating on his wife: “I saw it”

Ariadna Arantes did not like Ratinho’s offenses against Anitta and decided to expose the SBT presenter’s betrayals

Things got serious! Last Saturday (20), Ariadna Arantes accused little mouseof cheating on his wife Solange Martinez Massa behind the scenes of your show.

When faced with the presenter’s offenses against his friend anitta, the ex-BBB decided to come out in defense and, without mincing words, exposed the supposed infidelity.

Said the happily married guy who, when the recording of the program ends, takes one and the other and locks himself in his dressing room. I just can’t say the name, but I saw it, I was there“, she fired in the comments of a publication on the subject.

The reason for the model’s revolt is that the communicator decided to attack Almighty for free while presenting the Mouse program, even mentioning the controversial tattoo that the singer made on her anus.

Mouse has been married to Solange Martinez Massa since 1981. Until then, he has not commented on the accusation.


The presenter Ratinho generated controversy in his program on SBT by making severe criticisms against Anitta.

When commenting during her program on SBT the comments made by the singer about one of the models chosen for her video, he was controversial.