Fans think disturbing scene goes too far

Contains spoilers

Secret Truths 2 features a disturbing rape scene that goes too far. On Twitter, netizens criticized the controversial moment.

The victim in question is Lara, a young woman who was raped by her stepfather in Globoplay’s production.

The scene in Secret Truths 2 is long and disturbing. On social media, viewers said they were very uncomfortable with this moment in the production.

Check below some reactions from Internet users on Twitter to the controversial scene of Secret Truths 2.

More about Secret Truths 2

The plot of Secret Truths 2 begins with a major trauma for the protagonist Arlete (Camila Queiroz) – Angel: the young woman loses her husband Guilherme (Gabriel Leone) in a suspicious car accident.

Giovanna (Agatha Moreira), in turn, returns from her time in Paris.

Without her husband, Angel will need to return to the pink book to pay for her son’s medical treatment.

The character is involved with Cristiano (Rômulo Estrela), a private investigator hired to infiltrate the world of fashion and prostitution.

It is speculated that Rodrigo Lombardi may return as Alex in the plot. However, it remains to be seen how.

Secret Truths 2 is available on Globoplay.

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