Farm 13: Valentina detonates Dayane Melo, who is in shock: ‘Prejudiced’; eliminated and Rico Melquiades burst into tears with declaration; watch

Xii… It seems that the friendship of Valentina Francavilla and Dayane Mello is on the line. During her participation in the program “Hora do Faro”, which aired this Sunday (21), the ninth eliminated from “A Fazenda 13” said she was in shock with everything she had been discovering out here about the model.

The painting “The Farm: Last Chance”, by Rodrigo Faro, showed a series of problematic comments that the ex-Big Brother Itália made and that had bad repercussions abroad, such as, for example, about Marina Ferrari’s toned body, the hair of Aline Mineiro, who was compared to a poodle dog, and also on “brown” skins. After hearing all this, Valentina looked startled.

Afterwards, the ex-pea recognized that she was manipulated by Dayane within the game. “In my entire life, I never thought I would be manipulated by anyone. I’m in shock at what I saw. It’s another Dayane. I am very surprised. The last person I could imagine doing this was Dayane. It’s very hard to admit it, because I’m very proud, but I was manipulated a little, yes. Day is intimidating, so sometimes it’s better not to hit back. So this inertia goes on and then I got sick. It could be that I became a little cowardly”, she evaluated, who also sent a message to the model. “Living is not what you think. Review your concepts”, shot.

As usual, the stage assistant had to distribute signs with positive or negative characteristics to the other pedestrians. And she didn’t alleviate: Dayane was singled out as ‘irresponsible’, ‘cruel’, ‘opportunistic’, ‘manipulative’, ‘disloyal’ and ‘biased’ by her former friend. Another pawn detonated by the Italian was Gui Araujo, labeled as ‘coward’, ‘liar’, ‘dishonest’, ‘disguised’, ‘cruel’, ‘lazy’, ‘greedy’, ‘soap maker’, ‘deceiver’, ‘trickster’ , ‘disloyal’, ‘gross’ and ‘bad character’. Again, a record 13 cards for the former MTV. Geez!

Pedestrians react to Val’s signs

At the end of each program, Rodrigo Faro talks with the workers still confined to Itapecerica da Serra and tells each of them which plaques they received from the eliminated. Despite the bullshit they had during the confinement, Valentina distributed some positive adjectives for Rico Melquiades: ‘intelligent’ and ‘funny’. She also added the term ‘troublemaker’. “She didn’t lie! I’m funny, smart, I don’t know if I am. I am a shack”, he agreed, excited.

“I thought she was going to give me stronger signs, because we had a big disagreement over the last few days, but she knows that she was a person who marked my life a lot. I even get emotional when I speak, because really, we weren’t supposed to fight, but a lot of things happened here. I want to apologize, Val, for what I said. I spoke very strong words to you, but it was at the moment of anger. Really sorry, I never cheated on you here! I always thought of you”said Melquiades, in tears, causing the Italian woman to burst into tears too.

Dayane, in turn, was stunned by some of the plaques received. So it is. It scares me a little these V platesalentine, because we got together a lot a month and a half ago, before we didn’t have much contact. I don’t know, for me she’s an amazing person and I’ve always opened up to all the things I think about the game, about people and I don’t know why, but I respect.”, he stated.

The bad, however, hit harder hours later. In conversation with MC Gui and Sthefane Matos, Day admitted to having been shaken by the needlings he took from Francavilla. “I walked away from Aline because I didn’t trust, I separated from Rico because I didn’t trust… I only had Valentina so far. After I received the plaques I fell apart, I fell apart because what she said is very strong. Cruel, the word prejudice… What did I do so wrong, my God? I don’t remember and I don’t understand. I wanted to understand, it makes me a little frustrated”, he vented.

The funkeiro revealed that he also did not expect the ex-SBT to give Mello negative signs and advised: “The answer comes from outside, bro… When I was like this, I went to the farm and I came back and said ‘Wow, wait, what you’re talking about about me might not be true’. The native of Santa Catarina understood Gui’s speech, but made it clear that the problem lies in not having a strong connection with anyone else in the house. “I don’t feel like anyone… since the day I entered this house I’ve always been a target for the farm”, he said.

Shaken, she even revealed feeling tired and more rebellious due to the pressures of confinement. “In here, a feeling of anger is rising, something that is not a part of me. And it’s hurting me as a person… I don’t like the feel of it. I’m more rebellious, I’m swearing, I’m mad…”, finally evaluated. Watch: